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fine pitch/BGA component handling

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 11:30:11 EST 2002 | russ

What temp. are you planning on baking them? If this is long term process I would recommend that you hav trays made out of an appropriate ESDS material that can withstand your bake temp (such as duropol)for your QFPs. You can have several patterns/pa

SMT component handling

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 10:17:15 EDT 2007 | pima

Hello I am looking for any standard or specification or any practise document which is talking about proper handling or how should handling look like of IC component at the section between getting component from supplier and putting it into machine.

SMT component handling

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 07:37:22 EDT 2007 | davef

IPC-A-610D 3 Handling Electronic Assemblies 3-1 3.1 EOS/ESD Prevention 3-2 3.1.1 Electrical Overstress (EOS) 3-3 3.1.2 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) 3-4 3.1.3 Warning Labels 3-5 3.1.4 Protective Materials 3-6 3.2 EOS/ESD Safe Workstation/EPA 3-7 3.3

Re: ESD safe handling baskets

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 15:08:18 EST 1999 | John Thorup

I would be afraid to have this kind of basket holding my boards. Yes, in most cases, you would not get damage if the boards were closed inside of a good, metalized (silver colored) ESD protective bag. The problem is that the boards usually have to c

Re: handling components for rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 18:03:45 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

| We only do rework with SMT components or a small amount of SMT work. We are having a hard time keeping the components safe throughout the handling process of removing one or two components, and issuing them to an operator for processing or inspect

Re: ESD safe handling baskets

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 16:00:29 EST 1999 | John Thorup

Well...maybe. First you would have to determine what type of trays you have. Conductive, dissipative or non conductive(non static generating). Dissipative would be your best choice. In the charged body model, the sudden discharge through a conduct

Mydata centering jaws causing ESD and part damage

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 11:13:35 EST 2014 | dyoungquist

We have run Mydata machines for 10+ years with no ESD damage from the machine itself that we know of. Can you tell us how you have verified it is the machine causing the ESD damage? It seems to me the ESD damage would be far more likely coming from

PCBA Handling Damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 26 16:40:47 EST 2008 | realchunks

Panasonic CM Series. We modified the Gels for them.

PCBA Handling Damage

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 21 16:48:05 EST 2008 | kennyg

Anyone have an 'easy' solution for reducing PCBA handling damage. I'm fighting low level chipped, scuffed and broken-off SMT parts. The damage is spread out across different areas of the assemblies. The assemblies are double sided SMT with 0402's

PCBA Handling Damage

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 25 10:04:39 EST 2008 | wavemasterlarry

I've made storage bins made from old beer cases i had laying around. Seems to work well and I can check to see if any parts broke off b y looking at the bottom of the case.

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