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chip components (i.e. inductor, capacitor & resistor) more than 2 years from packaging can still be used??

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 19:59:26 EDT 2014 | jhaye

hi everyone, I just got some question with regards to the life span of components from the date it was packed from supplier. Does the parts more than 2 years from the date it was process by supplier: 1. Can it still be used in PCBA?? 2. will it not

Cardboard Box Design

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 05:49:16 EDT 2002 | jason

Hi, Recently I am given a task to perform a drop test on a cardboard tote box. Inside is 180 pcs of assembled PCBA with cardboard dividers. But it was unable to withstand the drop test and thus the some of the boards are damaged. Does anyone ha

PCBA Id using Laser marking

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 22:24:28 EST 2015 | SKR

We are using Nutek NTM4910-XL laser marker to etch 2D barcode on all our boards. We added solid silkscreen box on all our boards to create contrast. When we laser etch them, we just burn the silkscreen box so that we can see the soldermask under it c

Packaging for WIP PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 06:52:40 EDT 2003 | davef

Why not record your field meter reading from inside the box, while you're flex wrapping the box?

PCBA flatness

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 04:37:13 EST 2006 | Daniel

Hi Experts, We have requirement from our customer to control the PCBA flatness at 10 mils diagonally. Weird but this is the requirement due to the need for some through hole pins (spreaded acroos the board must touch the copper sheet while they are

NXT components drop-page reduction

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 30 06:22:59 EDT 2014 | abhilash4788

Some clients in our company has provided more or equal quantity of parts for the pcba build. say a resistor (0603 package) qty provided is 450-500 (QPA is 1) for building 450 pcba's. Due to this i'm looking for any possible way to reduce drop-page of

Wet PCB Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 16 16:15:27 EST 2003 | billg2753

I have received a few boxes of fully assembled boards that have damaged packaging boxes due to rain water. There is visible moisture inside the ESD bag. I have no idea how long these boards have been exposed to moisture. Does anyone have a procedure

Lifted Lead

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 10:39:50 EDT 2004 | Marie

Suggest looking at the packaging,is it sufficient to prevent damage to the QFP?. What way are these components stored when received?.Are the reels stored in boxes or racks?.Storage in boxes may cause damage from stacking the reels on top of each oth

Alternatives to CircuitCam

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 20:04:01 EST 2022 | madmungrel

Hi there Siemens Valor Proceed Preparation is a alternative that I would say ticks your boxes as is more focused on PCBA NPI process , from Cad-Cam Data clean up SMT programming, Stencil Design, Assembly Panel Design, Test Engineering, DFA analysis

What methods do you use for final packaging? Bubble Wrap, bags, trays? Anything unique?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 19 18:43:04 EST 2014 | gregcr

Hi All, I've been in the CM world for a long time and it seems like there has been little change in the packaging techniques used at the end of the day. Assembled circuit boards in small/flex volume are bagged or bubble wrapped and boxed up to ship

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