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Adhesive Dispensing using PDP head

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 14:58:18 EDT 2011 | vickt

Prasad, It is typical when experimenting with new materials to have to adjust the airpressure on the syringe and the stroke of the PDP piston (screw adjust on top of the PDP pump). You can add mutiple cycles in the comp Db to make larger dots with th

Dynapert Sequencer- inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 10 10:51:04 EST 2004 | pjc

Dynapert VCD E/K2 is a very old machine, from the 1980's, runs on DEC PDP8 and its way obsolete. Worth scrap value.

Adhesive Dispensing

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 14:06:19 EST 2006 | pjc

Positive Displacement Pump technology is in fact used for the underfill process. Both Camalot Systems and Asymtek both use them. Asymtek also has the Jetter and Camalot has the Multi-Piston Pump, specifically designed for underfill applications. The

Adhesive Dispensing using PDP head

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 22:27:40 EDT 2011 | pkamath2

Hello, My company recently installed a Positive Displacement Pump on a GSM Pick @ Place machine for dispensing chipbonder (loctite 3621) dots before mounting chip components. The head uses Universal stand nozzles (single port-small dot, dual port 0


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