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Peak temperature of Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 12:45:42 EDT 2016 | anhsang38

Dear All I have a question for the reflow machine. I'm using Vitronics(Mr933+)reflow. The peak temperature of the (Chip, LED, SOT) component higher than (QFP,LGA) about 4 degree when i measured proflie. All of them on the same board . I don't know w

Peak temperature of Reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 12 08:52:29 EDT 2016 | sarason

In short physics. A large Black object will absorb more energy than a smaller non-black object. Thus the temperature will remain lower around the black object as it heats up ! sarason

Peak temperature of Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 20:12:12 EDT 2016 | davef

Different points on the board couple have different thermal masses. Look here: http://www.ecd.com/portals/5/products/vmole/V-MOLE-Verify-3-Thermocouple.pdf

Peak temperature of Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 22:38:22 EDT 2016 | anhsang38

Dear Davef Thanks for your information. I already have measured it at the same position for 2 kind of component but the result does not change. Pls help me...

Peak temperature of Reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 12 09:49:19 EDT 2016 | deanm

In general, smaller objects heat up faster than larger objects because they are lower mass. For example if you heat up one liter of water in pan and two liters of water in another pan with the same heat energy applied, the smaller mass will heat up f

SMT component temperature spec

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 17:47:44 EST 2019 | slthomas

The lowest peak temp. I've had the pleasure of working with is 240°C +/- 5°C. I can't imagine a manufacturer going much below that and still saying it's lead-free compatible. It would be interesting to know just how much TAL plays into the affect

localization of the temperature sensors on the pcb

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 03 10:10:27 EST 2009 | milroy

Hi, There is one thing missing still, you must put a TC from the bottom side of the BGA by making a hold on the test board at the TC can measure the temperature at exactly the middle of the BGA. You should be able to the dual time and peak temperatu

Peak Temperature during Leadfree reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed May 28 07:44:28 EDT 2008 | rgduval

Hi, AJ, In general, the peak PCB temperature is variable depending on the profile used. We try to keep our peak temperatures in line with the paste manufacturers recommended temperatures; ignoring the peak temps for the PCBs. For the peak temps yo

Lead free component on leaded process

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 15 23:58:24 EST 2005 | Chua

Could you advise what is the min and max peak temperature for this process. Presently, my leaded peak temperature at the range of 215 - 225 deg.C And how do I know that the solderability is at optimal. Appreciate your help......

Peak Temperature

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 18 16:29:55 EDT 2006 | df

Hi all, If a component is rated as Peak Temperature 225 DegC. Is there a safety factor built into this rating or is it exact? df...

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