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Wave Solder Machine Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 17:41:36 EST 2001 | larrysav

Has anyone heard of the practice of coating radiant pre-heater plates with vegetable or peanut oil to protect and maintain the surface? Am I having my "leg pulled"?

wave solder pallets

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 04:04:46 EST 2006 | Rob

We used durastone, with a profile routed out to expose certain areas & protect others. Durastone costs peanuts, and the tool room uses a small cheap Micromat router.

wave solder pallets

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 05:36:09 EST 2006 | teilo

Hi Rob Can you please tell me where you can get durastone for peanuts as I find it quite expensive.

wave solder pallets

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 06:45:34 EST 2006 | Rob

Hi, Last time we bought it, it came from Roechling: http://www.roechling-plastics.co.uk When I said peanuts I was comparing it to the cost of buying in custom pallets, or extra universal wave solder pallets. Cheers, Rob.

FUJI IPII ESC 3 Cycle Alarm

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 07 13:29:12 EST 2015 | jimmyboz

The machine will allow more functions other then > power off, forgot to press reset button. Any one > know what ESC 3 means? Promise me 3 peanuts and a book of matches, and i will try to find out. I mean, are you still having the problem?

New web site

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 25 22:36:41 EDT 2003 | fastek

It wasn't that long ago that your beloved UIC was attempting to charge $20K to license a GSM. Are you saying they don't have a license fee structure any more? I bet they still do. I feel the fees charged by the SMT OEM's are justified as many are as

SMT Adhesive and Other

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 03:54:37 EST 2008 | muarty

I would think that you could quite easily use 0.6mm I/D nozzles even when using a hand syringe. As you say you are only using this for larger devices to prevent them from falling off. I am sure there are very reasonably priced small compressed air un

Re: Aperture Reduction for QFP (fine pitch)

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 06:47:51 EDT 1999 | park kyung sam

| My stencil thickness is 6 mil and we got qfp's with fine pitch. | how many percent should i reduce my stencil aperture using a 6 mil stencil for 0.5 mm pitch and 0.4 mm pitch ? | | thanks | we have placed 16 mil components for 3 years. why don't

Bottom side SMT wave vs. top side reflow yields

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 30 17:33:20 EDT 2002 | slthomas

Thanks, guys. Hi Larry, long time no "see". Dave, 60k dots out of a Camalot 2800 does not a "Dispenser Boy" make. :P I'd print them in a heartbeat if the proximity to radial leads didn't necessitate me placing radials first. Oh, wait, I'd have to

ESD question

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 10:04:23 EDT 2005 | slthomas

Try sliding a standard plastic trash can liner in and out of the can a few times, then crumble up a few styrofoam (polystyrene) packing peanuts and dump the bits in. You'll be lucky if any of the bits even reach the bottom, unless it's an ESD safe re

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