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Contamination of the cleaning agent

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 18:14:54 EDT 2016 | davef

I asked Randi Gates, Electrolube Marketing to join us to help with the conversation. Taking a step back from the Electrolube question, I could envision a 10 minute soak in DI water stripping the gold from a an ENIG board, you know, depending on the

Re: double sided reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 14:04:03 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Hi Jason - I'll second (third?) everything said. Wassink's bible is available in the US from the SMTA bookstore with free shipping. It's pricey but worth every penny. 612/920-7682 www.smta.org jesse@smta.org John Thorup

Placement Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 20:35:35 EST 2003 | jonfox

Do you have a good SMT technician? If so, you can get some great used equipment for pennies on the dollar. Didn't think I would ever say this, but Mydata or Quad may be a great choice for you.

selective soldering machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 19:04:27 EDT 2004 | longhua

The Vitronics is an unbelievable machine. It's a bit pricey (200k) but worth every penny. Contact larry@lapaent.com for more information. Good luck.

Acceptable standards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 09:15:18 EDT 2005 | Claude_Couture

How much does each part costs? balance that against the cost of counting and recounting and the time you are spending on this. Unless each parts costs dozens of $$$ you are wasting dollars to save pennies. Just my 2 cents

Acceptable standards

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 10:49:54 EDT 2005 | chunks

Don't forget that loading a feeder will waste parts, depending on the feeder. A lot of bean counters over look this. But then again, they'll spen $100 chasing pennies around.


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 12:17:32 EST 2006 | davef

Se�or Tech Put a penny in your water wash tank that uses DI water. It will disappear in a couple of weeks.

wave pallets and titanium

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 15 12:11:40 EST 2007 | George

I use Pentagon EMS (503) 924-2747 with Chad Haima. Note: I do not get a penny for referals. I just like the service, super fast, high quality and excellent customer service. I have worked with them for about 4 years. Thanks, George

Smt parts in strips

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 11:22:19 EDT 2012 | aj

waste of time - get your materials manager to work on the smt floor for a week and see how ridiculous this approach is! saving pennies while adding time between setups, looking for parts and as you said issues with pickup etc....

Paste printing fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 16:19:04 EDT 2013 | island2013

I've used the Nano Protek product in the past and it is fantastic, worth every penny for those small aperatures. It's just like a wax and yes it works great on rims ;)

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