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Foam fluxer maintenance, storage and cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 09:44:22 EST 2015 | davef

Purpose. This describes setting-up a wave soldering system set-up for a new assembly design or checking a wave solder machine operation with a test board. Applicability. To be used for new design printed circuit assembles and during machine accept

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 15:13:34 EDT 2008 | realchunks

I'm not b*tchy. You "guys" are too sensitive. I took my HR training and now know how fragile you "guys" all are. It's not your fault, it was my fault and I learned to deal with it. Go pop some popcorn.

Solder Balls and conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 08 14:16:29 EDT 2019 | sever_83

We've never heard of seen of such a thing either. We tried a clean sample board and applied con coat. Same process through out and we saw nothing. After speaking with the original operators who was curing the boards he had left the boards much longer

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 09 18:51:05 EST 2006 | grantp

Hi, I have used both MYDATA TP9, MY9 and more recently MY12. MYDATA machines are just not accurate, and we did everything possible, and every kind of upgrade they had. We ended up putting in Fuji XP based machines, and the differences are very notic

SPI and AOI Machine Feaures.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 05:23:17 EST 2021 | karl_willoughby

Hello. I am sourcing machines for an SMT line (for the first time) and would like to understand features of current and earlier model SPI and AOI machines. In the intended application, a high volume of PCAs aren't required to be processed but there

Pick and Place Camera sees Red

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 03:18:10 EDT 2005 | dougs

Don't know if you'd be able to register as i'm not sure if you need to have a service contract or not but if you can go to the UIC website and register for the knowledgebase, this service has detailed advice on fault finding on universal machines, i'

Koh Young Software Struggles and Frustrations

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 04:11:11 EST 2018 | mnyut

Yes, unfortunately the quality of the software is very bad. It has been shown that the focus is on new features to win new customers and not fall behind the competition instead of improving the quality. The same mistakes are made again and again. The

warped boards and cracked solder joints

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 18:21:43 EST 2001 | slthomas

We recently have received a lot of warped (bowed and/or twisted behond IPC 600 specs.) bare boards (some our fabricator's fault, some ours by design) and I can't help but figure that long term reliability will suffer when building product with them.

PCB land pattern for RC0402 and CC0402

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 04:18:12 EDT 2008 | gang

we have some problems in soldering joints such as insufficient solder and misalignment on some RC0402 and CC0402,i don't have a pic here. our SMT enginner doubts the PCB land pattern is at the fault.here is what we measured results.pad length:0.9mm,

long connector and MG1 Yamaha / Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 04 10:15:41 EDT 2023 | tommy_magyar

As far as I can remember, these always arrived in flexible plastic trays. The trays we designed were made of Durastone. The parts were then transferred at a tape & reel facility from tray to tray every 1000x connectors. If these are high volume for

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