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Trouble with wave solder pallet

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 12:48:23 EST 2005 | guest

Try scoring the underside of the pallet every inch or so, perpendicular to direction of travel

electric capacitor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 10:26:32 EDT 2005 | russ

How is the perpendicularity of this cut nozzle?

wave soldering + header connector assembling problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 05 10:59:57 EST 2007 | patrickbruneel

You need to send the connector perpendicular through the wave not parallel. Patrick

Wave Direction/Package help

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 08 11:02:57 EDT 2009 | patrickbruneel

Perpendicular is the best way to go.

Wave Solder question

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 10:14:22 EDT 2012 | patrickbruneel

are the briges like this (O-O) parallel to the wave or random parallel and perpendicular to the wave

Wave Solder question

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 14:15:30 EDT 2012 | rway

So it went from parallel to perpendicular with regards to the wave, or it stayed parallel?

Ceramic capacitors cracking

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 24 19:16:38 EST 2003 | Neil

Brad, This is a common problem and may relate to the design of the board. In all cases when a device such as a capacitor is place near the edge of the board and the board must be de-panelled, the capacitor must be parallel to the break line. If the

Solder joint strength

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 14:45:12 EST 2005 | davef

IPC-TM-650 TEST METHODS MANUAL Number Subject: Bond Strength, Surface Mount Lands Perpendicular Pull Method 1 Scope This test method is used to determine the bond strength (breakaway strength) of surface mount lands from substrate materials

warp and twist

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 14 09:10:43 EST 2017 | davef

Assuming the traces run parallel and perpendicular to each other, I'd choose one direction the traces run as "x" and the other direction for "y." Then I'd pick a unique identifier on the board to insure proper orientation. Next, I'd measure warp and

Re: Orientation of DIP IC's for Wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 21:58:31 EST 1999 | Dave F

| | _|__|__|__|__|_ | | | | | | | |_ __ __ __ __ _ | | | | | | | | | | 2. Direction thru Wave ----------------

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