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Cleaning after rework, no clean flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 23:59:48 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

Grant, No-Clean paste + IPA = White Residue! #1: Stop using IPA #2: Switch to either a solvent-based de-fluxing chemical or an aqueous-based de-fluxing chemical. If you are using an ultrasonic cleaner for your boards as stated, do not use sapon

Solderability Issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 12:46:59 EDT 2010 | ppcbs

Try tinning pads with a high pH water soluble flux like Kester 2331-ZX or Alpha Metals 3355-HB is what we use. It will remove the contamination quick;y without having to scrape with a blade. If you have a large number of bare boards you can run them

Black color solder wetting after reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 29 14:16:16 EDT 2011 | ppcbs

Below is the long explanation. This defect is most commonly found with BGA components, but can arrise with all components. I see it happening more now with lead free boards that are being assembled with a no clean flux. Best short term remedy is t

Re: Wave Solder Fixtures: Biting the dust FAST!

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 10:43:25 EDT 1998 | dave c

| Dave, | Sounds like you have material issues. Been there, done that. Tried 'em all. The best, longest lasting material I've found is called Durostone. It's made by a Roeschling, and most of the big fixture cutting houses now offer it as an option

IEC - 60601 compliant LF-NC Wire Solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 18:23:41 EDT 2007 | greggc09

Patrick Q1) Is the test pattern similar to the IPC-B-25? A1) - No - Tests were run on a prototype assembly. Q2) what is the temperature in the test chamber and voltage supplied to the test coupons? A2) 25C with 3.3VDC. Q3) Does this test i

01005 Qualifications - Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 24 15:46:29 EST 2014 | davef

Graping is caused by a lack of flux when the oven reflows the paste. Read [“Best Practices Reflow Profiling for Lead-Free SMT Assembly” Ed Briggs and Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., PE, Indium Corp] http://www.smtnet.com/library/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_ar

Vectra Question

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 12:16:41 EDT 2006 | Wave Master Larry

LISTEN Dr Shocker. you're a doctor of what again? That's what you get for having those god awful Vecra machines.We've got a couple of those at my place of employment and I tell ya I hate that new fangled windows software that it runs on. I would say

Cleaning Water Soluble Flux under BGA's

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 25 12:20:21 EST 2004 | Mike Konrad

OK� Nap time�s over! Technically speaking, water soluble flux is just that, soluble in water. Technically speaking, one does not need a saponifier or any other chemical agent to remove water soluble (OA) flux residues. However, one must conside

Re: Solder tip cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 09 11:44:31 EST 1999 | john

| Hi. | I'm trying to looking for a manner to enlagre the solder tip life. I have heard about some chemicals substances that | help both avoid or eliminate oxidation on tips. | Anybody can suggest me some of those products | Thanks in advance | Mario

IEC - 60601 compliant LF-NC Wire Solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 10:13:48 EDT 2007 | patrickbruneel

Chris, This is probably one of the reasons medical equipment and implants are exempt from the directive. Below a quote from an article published by the medical device network. RoHS excludes medical devices (category 8) and monitoring and control i

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