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mydata tp9 vs philips topaz

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 18 15:04:05 EST 2007 | slthomas

It was apparent to me that because he was looking at a Topaz, not a Topaz X, and a TP, not a My9, that he's looking at older used machines. Is there a used Sony in a similar price range to the other two that will outperform them?

Looking for a philips Saphire

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 07 04:53:12 EST 2008 | vinitverma

Hi Wayne, First, all Gem machines including Topaz, TopazX, Sapphire, etc... have the same feeders. You can use either FV feeders (which were the ones when Topaz was introduced), or CL feeders (which came when Topaz X was introduced). Both types of f

Assembleon GEM series 380V/400V

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 29 09:27:49 EDT 2020 | zombee

Dear friends, We have a pack of Philips/Assembleon pick and place machines, from CSM and GEM series. I want to set up a "new" Emerald machine, it had been working in Germany 1.5 year ago. It has 3-phase connector. I noticed that it was set

Topaz Off-line software.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 19:02:55 EST 2004 | Frank Gearhart - Assembl�on Snr. Software Technical Specialist

The OS/2 software you are referring to is the CSM-PPS v3 which was released in 1999, it is now out of service. The current software for optimizing, balancing, and generating programs for a Topaz and other Gem machines off-line, is GemLine-PPS v8.0,

Assembleon Philips Gem Topaz FV-82 Feeder

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 04 02:57:40 EDT 2017 | nikkilouie

Hi Guys, Is there anyone knows where can i buy new/used feeder for Assembleon Philips Gem Topaz. we are in needed at least 10 pc.of a FV type feeder for 0402 component. any help would be appreciated. Best regards. nikz

0402 placement on Topaz X Gem

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 11:23:37 EST 2008 | leeg

Anyone had any dealing with 0402 placements on the Topaz X Gem machines, we have placed on the XII series but never on the Gem.

NEW to Philips Topaz-X need help programming

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 19:07:17 EDT 2008 | smt_guy

Hi, here's my 2 cents sir: You need.. a) The Gerber Data and the BOM b) Extract the XY CAD from the GERBER and build what they call Centroid Data. Save this in text format. c) Use Cad2Cad to import the centroid data and save it as Philips VIOS txt

3rd party maintenance of Philips GEM Line

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 15:00:15 EST 2002 | ksfacinelli

I am interested in looking at options for machince calibration and maintenance from a third party provider. The company would have to be up on the servicing of the GEM line of Philips equipment (Emerald / Topaz). Any recommendations??? Kevin

Philips pick n place angle

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 14:42:20 EST 2013 | mcox

Philips Gem Topaz - Does anyone have a decoder ring for calculating the correct place angle for components. I am looking for a fool proof way to program the correct angles depending on how the parts are supplied to the machine. Thanks Mike

Where can I find GemLine-PPS v8.0 Please Help

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 15:50:09 EST 2009 | propox

Hi We have several Philips Topaz machines and old PPS, where can I find new GemLine-PPS v8.0 software, I have freeware cad2cad but it is simple. Any help please

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