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mydata tp9 vs philips topaz

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 17 10:24:17 EST 2007 | etienne

Hi, I can give my opinion in this topic since I worked with both machines. To say the truth, I would recommend neither machine. First of all, operating software is much quite the same for both machines. The TP9 is true that has a larger footprint ov

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 08 09:19:53 EDT 2006 | Larry

Samsung vs. Assembleon We currently have both Samsung/Dynatech and Assembleon Equipment. We started with two Samsung machines but the support, flexibility, component range, accuracy and speed of their machines just wasn�t there. The difference betw

Philips Orion 2 Error Message

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 22:14:21 EDT 2007 | DSD

The Philips Orion (Yamaha YV100) Head I/O Board is usually at fault as this tends to suffer trackwork problems with age due to the constant flexing of the board stressing the connectors on the board, thus breaking tracks within layers. You should not

Philips Orion 2 Error Message

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 09:14:08 EDT 2007 | stefi

Hi, We have a very annoying problem with a Philips Orion 2 SMT machine. It displays the error message "Second Limit Over" a few times per shift and it's impossible to make the machine work again unless it is turned off from the mains. It stops in th

are Philips CSM Orion/85vz feeders compatible on CSM 46/60?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 13:52:51 EDT 2007 | jasont

plz advise if the below feeders are compatible on CSM 46/60 (are they downwards compatible?); 1. Philips series FV-84-xxxxxC, model PA2903/70 (2,4 pitch, 8mm) QTY=29 2. Philips series FV-82-7-xxxxD, model PA2903/73 0603-type (2,4 pitch, 8mm

Re: Philips vs. Quad

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 17 11:31:45 EST 1999 | Quadmaster

| | I'm in the process of selecting a medium speed pick & place machine. I need to place a wide range of components from 0805 | | chips to a 144 pin MQFP (32mm square 25mil lead spacing). | | | | Anyway, I'm looking at the Quad QSA-30, the Philips

Philips Topaz X change nozzle FNC

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 11:01:14 EST 2017 | robertorocco

I have one Topaz X FNC machine with this problem. The head 2 FNC not change the nozzle. The head 4-6-8 is ok and change, but head 2 no, when he tries to change the nozzle he gives me an error message. What could be the problem?


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 23:10:25 EST 2012 | vinitverma

The algorithm only checks if all the 8 parts can be picked up by 8 heads without any mechanical interference during pickup or during rotation. In case if foresees any interference it divides them into two different charges instead of one. You can try


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 22:33:31 EST 2012 | acsscott

We are trying to optimize it to pick up 8 components, then move over the camera, then to the PCB and place them. In the Mount data, we load heads 2, 4, 6, & 8 with a 3216 Resistor, then them next 4 components are LED's, and are loaded on heads 1, 3,

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 19:39:18 EDT 2005 | darby

This is a very difficult question to answer as it will depend greatly on your component mix. I will presume that the CSM 84VZ is of the following configuration: 2 x RDC Synchro Heads. Heads 1 & 2. These are mechanically centering heads with a chucki

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