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internal tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 13 13:49:57 EST 2007 | coop

I am talking about an internal tray holder It holds two trays. the lingo doesn't really matter because if you say Internal tray feeder/holder the guys at philips will know exactly what you're talking about. I checked several refurb places and the onl

internal tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 15:58:50 EST 2007 | Cmiller

You should still be able to buy one from Philips. I think they cost aroud $2,500 new. I think we may be willing to sell one. If your interested e-mail me at cmiller@adltech.com

internal tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 13:41:20 EST 2007 | coop

I contacted philips/assembleon and they said it was 1,200 new I think we might end up going this route, I've stacked up old trays before, would rather not restrict the amount of feeders I can load, but you're right it will get yah by in a pinch. than

Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 22 05:08:15 EST 2011 | jeffr

For all Tray type components the machine will not pickup from the tray using the adjust assistant (f6). It will default to a position where you can place the QFP onto the nozzle yourself by hand.

Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 24 08:36:03 EST 2011 | davemac62

Thanks a bunch. I guess I did all the tray setup right. The adjust assist thing was kicking my butt!! On the right track now. Thanks again. Dave

Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 11:44:47 EST 2011 | davemac62

I have a Topaz with 2 positions in the rear where component trays may be placed for limited tray component capability. There is not a lot in the manual on how to set this up. The Feeder Plate info is set up to allow Fix.tf. I have spec'd tray - fix.t

Baking components at 70 degree

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 20 10:23:12 EST 2007 | slthomas

You could have said "why don't you just flop 'em over twice into the right tray?" lol. Yeah, that's the right way. I was kind of focused on what I had to do here to get two different parts from full trays into two cut-in-half-the-long-way trays sinc

Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 09:45:16 EST 2011 | davemac62

Thanks Jeff. Guess I didn't tell enough of the story. I can get the 1st part location taught (it looks like) but when I try to pick a part from the tray using adjust assistant (F6), the head changes to the appropriate nozzle and tries to pick from th

Integration of manual odd form / low volume pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 14:18:06 EDT 2002 | larryk

Kevin, I saw a few months ago in a Philips pamphet that they now have a "tray" that sits at the feeder locations for loose components or a small tape of components. I think it was for the Topaz machine.

Philips Topaz Fixed Tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 00:11:50 EST 2011 | jeffr

Yes you must select FixedTrayFeeder. You must select TEACHING not AUTOSET. The trap is... you must select a TEACHING UNIT prior to doing the teaching (CAMERA-HEAD1-HEAD2)are the choices. Press F8 to get this menu to appear. If the camera cannot reac

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