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Phoenix nanome|x

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Thu Jul 28 13:26:11 EDT 2011


Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 13 13:34:45 EST 2021 | proy

I have an excellent operating X-Ray - Phoenix PCB analyser 160. It seems there was available software for Voiding Calculation but I am not sure if my machine has this - I do know that we have the BGA analysis tool, but have to look in and see if we

Phoenix x-ray doesn't run

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 21 08:01:44 EST 2016 | edgard_franca

Hello everybody, The company that I work bought a second hand Phoenix X-Ray model PCBA 100. We installed the equipament and waited about 4 hours for warm the x-ray tube, after that time was generated the image. I turned off correctly the machine bu

Has anyone bought or used a Inspex xray system?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 05 11:15:57 EST 2010 | rdubya

I've used phoenix x-ray for about 8 years with no issues. GE recently took over the x-ray division. worth looking into.


Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 11 06:43:28 EDT 2002 | pjc

If your goal is to inspect solder joints then X-ray is the way to go. AOI is not effective at solder joint and is best at component inspection. Using an AXI or AOI for solder joint inspection requires a lot of engineering time. Don't know any good si

Used X-ray is hunted! VJ-1000 is good candiate

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 05 14:00:11 EDT 2002 | pizzafred

Yes, VJ is a good product. However, there are so many others... Feinfocus, Phoenix, XTek. In this market call all of them and make sure that you buy on the technical spec to your need! T

X-Ray Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Thu May 19 09:12:21 EDT 2005 | LUPO

HI, www.phoenix-xray.com look for bench|mate. I think Ersascope is not powerfull tool for BGA. Good luck!


Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 14 13:06:18 EDT 2021 | proy

I have the software in my machine. Just need to read manual and learn how to use it.

BGA solder joint VS. X-Ray machine capability

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 08:42:59 EST 2001 | madreindeer

HI, I would say around 80Kv 5-8um focalspot should be OK. Check systems like CR Technology,Phoenix,FeinFocus these are nice systems. There is low cost system Glenbrook any good I do not know. Good luck, MadReindeer

X-ray information CRX2000

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 12:58:26 EST 2004 | JA

Juan, Try Hamamatsu directly. (908) 231-1116 e-mail: usa@hamamatsu.com Ask for "RE-LOAD" pricing. Make sure you have the tube serial number and model available. Some units cannot be re-used. You will find the serial # on the side of tube housing. J

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