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Inserting photos into threads

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 07:18:02 EST 2004 | cyber_wolf

Have you ever considered adding the ability to insert photos into threads ?

Inserting photos into threads

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 12:36:48 EST 2004 | cyber_wolf

Isn't it possible to set the forum up so you can directly post a photo into the thread ? I have looked at other forums/sites and I hate it when you click on a photo link that does not work. Anyhow, I was just curious.

Inserting photos into threads

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 10:31:14 EST 2004 | Rob

It works on the equipment sales side...

Inserting photos into threads

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 08:29:25 EST 2004 | davef

Se�or Tech, It would be a cool feature. The previous version of software used to administer the site had a provision that allowed imbedding a link in the posting. The software automatically pulled the link and posted the picture in the posting. S

Placement component

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 25 06:13:47 EDT 2014 | preeticeda

how to mark a photo with red rectangle or so, how to add text in the photo

photo request.

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 14 15:49:47 EDT 2020 | djenkins62

Looking for photos of corrosion / delamination of boards in use and in storage for webinar. Also, looking for pictures of electronics operating in harsh conditions.

Strange Attachments

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 15:08:48 EST 2021 | stephendo

It appears that they are photos for N.S.E. Automation. nseauto.com There was a watermark on one photo.

How to measure dimensions in gc prevue?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 07:45:49 EDT 2015 | buckcho

Hello, I can give you some information: 1. After uploading of the gerber you have to go to the firs point from where you have to measure and pres "S" if you want the center automatically. After that pres the "zero user" button so you can null there.

Solder Defects in Hast Board

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 13 04:58:57 EDT 2011 | Jacki

Dear Mosborne Thanks for your knid advice. Yap, now I posted 2 photos showing the solder condition before and after wave soldering. Just reminding, the board in the photos had been already soldering in Reflow Process. Hope, you guys will have more a

Stencil manufacturer

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 14:50:12 EDT 2005 | russ

Photo-Stencil or SMT

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