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Re: 0402 pick problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 18:04:40 EST 2000 | Dave F

We've not seen "pick problems". We've seen "release after pick problems" caused by adhesive on components, recently. Could be the came thing, though.

Yamaha pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 13:16:57 EDT 2018 | harlymh

Would you recommend a Yamaha Pick and place? In terms of reliability, accuracy, cph? We're looking for a pick and place that can deliver a 50 micron accuracy. What brands do you recommend for high accuracy placements?

s-2000 nozzle pick error

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 14:39:02 EDT 2012 | wendynguyen234

Our S-2000 pick & place machine has head 2 not picking up any nozzle & displays error code 8342(nozzle check error). In ANC setting, head 1 pick/put ok but not head 2; when "MANUAL" box is checked, clicking PICK/PUT then both head 1 & 2's status disp

Component pick up test

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 13:37:40 EDT 2016 | chabscan

I've been having some problems with my Quad 4C, it rejects some components after having pikced them up. I want to adjust the tolerances and test the pick up. I want to know if there is some way of testing the pick up without having to run my whole

pick & place

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 20 04:19:21 EST 2007 | saiprasad_k82

hello everyone....

Re: 0402 pick problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 09:29:27 EST 2000 | CAL

Some more information is needed. Is there a machine error indicating a mispick? Or a vision error Component missing? I am not as familiar with UIC machines as I am with Siemens but here is my $.02 anyway. Try shimming the feeder under the pick up pos

0402 pick problems

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 10:17:04 EDT 2001 | jdtpfacreate

Kris, Get that high speed camera in there. You have to find out what is happening after the pick point. Also just to throw in another possibility into your cause list. How about static electricty? It can effect such small components. My $ .02

pick & place feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 09:59:38 EDT 2007 | burrolaj

I have a L20 pick & place and i was wondering if there is a certain way I have to set-up the feeders.If there is..how do I do it.

0402 pick problems

Electronics Forum | Sun May 20 20:53:19 EDT 2001 | Nozzles


pick and place vaccum

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 06 11:12:57 EST 2008 | janz

Hello, One of our pick and place machine uses rietschel vaccum pump. It is making lot of noise. I am in searching alternative solution which could be venturi pumps. Does anyone has experince in changing vaccum pump to venturi system.? What should

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