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Nozzle gives vacuum error

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 11 07:33:52 EST 2023 | klauss

There's two kind of nozzles with different dimensions we use. One of them works good but the another one gives a head problem sometimes. The head picks the nozzle and gives the vacuum error despite the camera recognize it. So i make another head pi

Quad IV-c feeder error

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 07:21:32 EST 2019 | dfl

One of my 8mm feeders is blinking the red led after the pick-up. With both buttons the motor works as expected (forward/backward), but after the nozzle pick-up the motor moves forward and then the red led blinks. pressing the buttons the green led l

s-2000 nozzle pick error

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 14:39:02 EDT 2012 | wendynguyen234

Our S-2000 pick & place machine has head 2 not picking up any nozzle & displays error code 8342(nozzle check error). In ANC setting, head 1 pick/put ok but not head 2; when "MANUAL" box is checked, clicking PICK/PUT then both head 1 & 2's status disp

Juki feeder rise error

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 12:52:31 EST 2013 | ericrr

Interesting enough, it did turn out to be alignment, maybe the machine is getting bend & twisted just like people do when they get old....... or maybe I should say as the beam gets less intense with old age the sensor needs to be readjusted to pick u

CP642's vision process error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 28 18:31:43 EDT 2003 | mantis

Hi There, First has the machine in question had the camera upgraded to accomdate 0603/0402. It sounds like there is a bad pickup on this part.Are all nozzles ok is feeder indexing correctly has part pick up position(Station 1) been calibrated. Hope t

error 117:Overflow on CSM84

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 01 18:08:03 EST 2007 | jmelson

Hello, I just ran into a crazy problem with my CSM84. I did a batch of one side of a board, then loaded the program to do the top side, and it stops with the head over the 3rd component's feeder, and reports error 117:overflow. The maintenance manua

Zevatech FS730 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 11 05:58:35 EST 2007 | Peter

Hi All, We again have problem with Zevatech FS-730 This machine shows error E202162: "System error: T axis of center head: Parameter error when T axis performs PTP action.(Kind of unit)" and it stop running. It does not pick up components. At low spe

MYDATA My9 Theta error

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 11:14:15 EST 2012 | jaimebc

For the past few weeks we have experienced an intermitent midas theta error.During normal production the machine times out while just after picking up a component waiting for the theta to center it.Sometimes it fails to leave a tool. Reinitianing the

Quad 4C pickup limit error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 07:43:24 EDT 2016 | claudea2

We have been having a recurring error on one of our Quad 4Cs. When it picks up the first of 8 47uF SMT capacitor it stops with a limit error. If we do 2 consecutive function 30s, the problem goes away until the next board. The first function 30 re

Quad 4C pickup limit error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 08:22:41 EDT 2016 | bobpan

If I have to guess then I would say the machine is first picking up a larger nozzle to pick up this part.....the nozzle is not seating on the z-rod correctly and causing a problem. Check to make sure the nozzle is being mounted correctly. You may als

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