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Hidden Pillow Phenomenon

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 14 13:28:16 EST 2006 | realchunks

I've heard of bitting pillows AND heard of this phenomenon.

Re: Paladium Pillows and Bad Dreams

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 23 13:25:21 EST 1998 | Steve Gregory

Steve - you must not work to IPC class 2 or 3 requirements. If the solder is "pillowed" around the lead, I would strongly suspect a wetting problem. Most of the Paladium leads I see soldered have a strong line of demarcation but no pillowing. Hav

Hidden Pillow Phenomenon

Electronics Forum | realchunks |

Fri Nov 17 11:34:21 EST 2006

Bad solder joints

Electronics Forum | Sat May 30 09:24:12 EDT 2009 | davef

head in pillow

Head in Pillow defects with memory components

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 29 22:53:14 EST 2022 | davef

Look in the Express Newsletter [https://smtnet.com/express/] dated December 29, 2022 for some papers on "head in pillow"

Low Silver Solder Problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 18:58:07 EDT 2009 | rossi

I am not sure that it is the pillow problem. With the pillow problem you tend to see residual solder on the pad and voids where this solder pulled from on the ball. What we are seeing is a very thin flat layer of solder on the pad and a flat surface

BGA drop off from the boards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 23:45:38 EDT 2014 | edriansyah

Hi Evtimov. 1. yes both part and the process are lead free/RoHS 2. I ever did X-ray, the balls shape are good and I dont see any evident of head in pillow (but my x-ray machine is not too good) Head in pillow was also my first suspect. but after the

Board take off on Heller

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 01 23:41:21 EST 2006 | KEN

....does a down pillow count?

Hidden Pillow Phenomenon

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 11:41:19 EST 2006 | Jim

Real C, U got a pic.?

Hidden Pillow Phenomenon

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 11:37:25 EST 2006 | realchunks


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