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PCB Acceptance Standards

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 08:57:13 EDT 2001 | Cal

IPC-TM-650 is a works well. Ionic conductivity is a good rule of thumb but I prefer ION Chromatography this will help determine the residues left behind from the fab process. There are a bunch of ways to determine solderabiltiy- Wet Balance and SERA

Re: Press fit connnector

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 10:49:26 EST 2000 | Sal

The connectors are well within thier specification,and are also checked for misaligned and damaged pins , as regards the cross-section results, all holes are correctly aligned and are well spaced within their tolerance of +/-0.005 (a couple of isolat

Grid Lok

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 15:29:45 EDT 2001 | hinerman

Research was done into the deflection of a totally unsupported (topside) PCB of 0.050" thickness. A dial indicator was placed on the surface and the tooling was set. The deflection ranged from 0.005" to 0.007". This is minor when you consider th

MyData Missing Placements

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 14:18:04 EDT 2007 | fredericksr

1) We have been using the replacement tips regularly. We, also, purchased a precision pin gauge that we are using to clear the C14 nozzle without risk of stripping it out. 2) Right. However I've pinned the 0402 centering level down at -25um.

Re: bad connections, or not?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 12:26:16 EST 2001 | slthomas

Frankly I have no clue about whether or not the parts are good because our receiving inspection team is equipped with nothing more than a couple of caliper sets and a partial gauge pin set. There ARE things I miss about the medical instruments busin

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 13:56:19 EDT 2013 | williamaxler

We have a Versaflow 40/50 and ours is setup like this. We have out nozzle test position set so that in the Z axis you are 3.8mm away from the pin. Used feeler gauge Then you can set your gradient per nozzle. Start with a number then do a wave offs

Wiring Schematic Softwares and error checking

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 19 12:22:55 EDT 2008 | operator

Are there any softwares OR functions inside of the softwares that allow a designer that is creating a very large complicated wiring diagram with say....many terminal blocks and connectors etc... to run a point to point check on his drawing? Bascially

Pin in Paste with dispenser

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 24 04:26:32 EST 2005 | Hannu

Morning all, Has anybody done any pin in paste job with a dispenser? I read somewhere that the needle i.d. should be slightly larger than the hole diameter, but with holes of 1.4 mm I would have to work with a very large needle indeed. How does past

Re: Surface mount on perf board

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 15:37:25 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

How would you mount a surface mount chip onto Perf board? I am doing a project for school and one of the chips is a surface mount, but everything else fits in Perf board. Any suggestions? Thanks Matt- Find some fairly stiff wire, the correct gau

Machine won't change nozzles

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 11:45:35 EDT 2005 | PWH

Agree with PDE. We have two GSM's and we get this error often. Palm down e-stop when you get this error message. Machine will drop nozzle bank down after doing some segment repairs. Open covers and make sure nozzles are seated in reference to ali

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