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automatic placement of pin through hole component

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 08:54:42 EST 2000 | pascal MATHIEU

Hello friends , in order to try to reduce our labour cost , we are thinking to replace manual placementof PTH COMPONENTS by automatic unit which 'll be able to place relays ,and connectors . is there anybody on this forum to advise us on this topi

Re: automatic placement of pin through hole component

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 17:52:24 EST 2000 | Jeff Woodruff

Look into an odd form placer. There are a number of manufacturer's out there, but it depends on the volumes that you are looking for to determine how cost effective. Odd forms can deal with bulk etc relatively easily....Buy a machine that is tailored

Re: automatic placement of pin through hole component

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 13 19:57:59 EST 2000 | park kyung sam

hi. pascal your problem is mine. sorry. i have no experience about m/c for pihr. we use woman for stick pin ,sme connector after mounter. we also consider m/c just like you. what i want to let you know is that http://www.celtronix.com. bye

Re: automatic placement of pin through hole component

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 09:54:50 EST 2000 | JAX

Trying to place PTH components with an SMT machine is possible but maybe not plausible. Would you have to buy specialized tools and equipment for the job ( gripper nozzles ). Are the machines you have capable. i.e.. Would you need camera modification

pin in paste and hole diameter

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 28 18:49:36 EDT 2021 | mekmat544

Hello, I would like to ask you if there is some formula how to calculate PTH hole and annual ring for pin in paste technology? Thank you. Mekmat.

pin in paste and hole diameter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 19:10:05 EDT 2021 | kojotssss

Hi, Get your account. https://software.indium.com/stencil-coach/pin-in-paste-apertures.php

MILL-MAX .020 pin in a .026 hole

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 17:52:33 EDT 2021 | mike_infl

We have an assembly which we are trying to machine pick and place a Mil-Max pin that is .020 dia placed in a .026 hole. The board is .1125 thick. We have to place 106 of these pins. Without going into the challenge of getting proper hole-fill to me

Pin hole

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 10 18:42:34 EST 2010 | 89jeong

Hello Sir. We also encountered the same pin-hole issue but there was around MLCC.I also looked for some information in technical report and internet, But i failed to get an answer. As you know this pin hole or blow hole is caused by the solder boilin

solder voids, pin holes.

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 10:27:14 EDT 1999 | Tim Murphy

Just curious what effect pinholes and solder voids can have on solder joints that have high current passing thru them. Also could moisture from steam sterilization (autoclaving) get inside a said solder joint and then outgas during high current, and/

Pin hole

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 20:50:40 EST 2010 | jkhiew

We have encountered high percentage of pin holes issue after lead-free reflow soldering from particular diode supplier that manufactured at Morocco. However, very little reject being found if the particular component is manufactured at China by using

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