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Rigid Flex Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 17:40:39 EDT 2007 | davef

Rob: How do you rework blow-holes and pin-holes? PTH plating thickness SB 1 thou or greater. Epoxy is hydroscopic. So, you should control the environment and/or bake the moisture from the boards before soldering. Search the fine SMTnet Archives f

SMT process Blowhole/ Pinhole

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 29 08:38:28 EST 2003 | davef

Iman When you talk about your profile, can we assume you're measuring it on the pads of LGA? Profile the solder paste reflow by placing a thermal couple under the component pad, similar to a BGA. On a slight tangent, as with soldering BGA, paste


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