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SMT pressure pipes sealing

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 19:50:22 EDT 2009 | davef

8 bar is over 100 psi. What are you using that much pressure? So, your piping is made of what material? * Black iron * Copper Can you run soft pressure piping to by-pass the section that requires sealing?

SMT pressure pipes sealing

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 02 04:36:40 EDT 2009 | d0min0

Piping is made of *black iron, we had a visit from external company that promised us to find the right material for that :) we will see

SMT pressure pipes sealing

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 05:30:49 EDT 2009 | d0min0

Hello, maybe not exactly good place for that kind of question - if so, please forgive me :) we are try to find a solution to seal (improve) the connection of our pipes with 8 Bar pressure - but without dissassembling them (with production running a

glue dot size

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 19 08:14:47 EST 2006 | davef

We agree with Chunks. You need to fix your machine. Tell us about: * Temperature inside machine when glue pipes well and went glue pipes poorly * Pressure on cylinder when glue pipes well and went glue pipes poorly

paste Sn42/Bi58 and Lead Finish

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 03 10:57:27 EDT 2012 | davef

EricR: Regarding "*** By the way, since we have used the Tin-Silver-Copper lead free solder there has been a strange liquid type chemical leek from the oven exhausted pipes." ... I don't know anything about your process, but the first thing I'd inve

Foam Fluxer - Porous Cylinder

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 26 17:01:59 EST 2002 | alandra516

Store the flux stone in PVC pipe (capped at the end) and fill the pipe with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Compressor air line material

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 24 16:06:49 EDT 2007 | hussman

Check your local building code first. A lot of people 'say' they use various types of pipes. If you're looking for a complete system, try Patton Sonic. They're piping section is at; http://pattonsinc.com/piping.htm

Intermittent vacuum on Hydra pipe

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 05:46:59 EST 2018 | ivammendes

MYDATA MY9E: Hydra's pipe can't stop the vacuum during assembly. The problem ocurre just in only one pipe, the number 5. The tool picks components but doesn't drop it. Can the problem be in the unit vacuum?

Vent Residue Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 10:11:01 EDT 2002 | davef

For relow ovens the general approaches are: * Clean the vent pipe. * Replace [a section of ] the vent pipe. * Clean the flux trap on newer ovens. * Do nothing and wonder where that brown slime that is dripping on the boards is coming from. For wave

Compressor for Pick and Place line

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 16:07:22 EDT 2020 | stephendo

You want a big enough storage tank to smooth pressure. Figure out what size pipes you need and go a size bigger. Make a loop of the pipes with shut offs. That way you can shut down any section and still have air to the rest of the air line. Run the p

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