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Stress induced during V-score depaneling

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 17:21:46 EDT 2011 | isd_jwendell

I use a pizza cutter with parts closer than that, but they are small-ish (

V-score cracking components

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 14:27:25 EST 2005 | Samir Nagheenanajar

We used to affectionately nickname our "roll blade" equipment.... A very technical term.... THE PIZZA CUTTER!

X7R woes

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 27 19:15:02 EST 2005 | PWH

Agree with Cmiller. We had a similar prob. with some caps. on a v-scored array. We bought a pizza cutter depaneliser and the problem reduced. It's a "FKN Systek" if you want to look at models.

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 18 12:38:39 EDT 2008 | fsw

Hi! Can anyone tell me what is the min spacing between PCB edge & land pattern to avoid cracking of components due to mechanical stresses caused while depaneling with cookie/pizza cutter. Thnx!

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 19 09:54:44 EDT 2008 | davef

Here's what we suggest: * Keep a 5-mm space between a board edge and a ceramic capacitor. * Mount the capacitor parallel relative to the edge. * Design pads about a half of the termination. * Fixture the board when using your pizza cutter.

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 10:59:59 EDT 2008 | fsw

Thnx Dave! I have not seen anyone as yet using fixtures to support brds while using Pizza cutters. Will check it out.

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 24 12:11:38 EDT 2008 | scombs

Is this what you are looking for? We do this on quite a few boards and it has eliminated component problems from the Cab depaneler (pizza cutter)

2010&2512 cracking

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 23 11:05:46 EST 2010 | kjs123p

We had this same problem several years ago. The caps and resistors were cracking when we snapped the boards apart. We now use a pizza cutter style depanelizer. A couple of manufacturers that I know of are CAB and Fancort. I hope this helps.

Depanelling scoring groove PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 12:50:56 EDT 2014 | comatose

We have several, the one everyone likes is a Fancort VPD5-330. We were having trouble with cracked ceramics near the score line with our pizza cutter style depaneler. The linear blade made it go away entirely. Not the cheapest, though.

Printing on a pallet

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 07:41:14 EDT 2014 | karolis

We use standard "pizza cutter" type depanelizer. You just need to use knives made for aluminum boards, because standard ones gets dull quite fast if used on aluminum. CAB has special knives for aluminum, but I think other manufacturers offers simila

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