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Stress induced during V-score depaneling

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 17:21:46 EDT 2011 | isd_jwendell

I use a pizza cutter with parts closer than that, but they are small-ish (

Router Machine for panelizatioan

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 12:49:23 EDT 2022 | emeto

Wonder why do you need to do this transition? Pizza cutter is pretty simple to use and maintain.

V-score cracking components

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 14:27:25 EST 2005 | Samir Nagheenanajar

We used to affectionately nickname our "roll blade" equipment.... A very technical term.... THE PIZZA CUTTER!

X7R woes

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 27 19:15:02 EST 2005 | PWH

Agree with Cmiller. We had a similar prob. with some caps. on a v-scored array. We bought a pizza cutter depaneliser and the problem reduced. It's a "FKN Systek" if you want to look at models.

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 18 12:38:39 EDT 2008 | fsw

Hi! Can anyone tell me what is the min spacing between PCB edge & land pattern to avoid cracking of components due to mechanical stresses caused while depaneling with cookie/pizza cutter. Thnx!

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 19 09:54:44 EDT 2008 | davef

Here's what we suggest: * Keep a 5-mm space between a board edge and a ceramic capacitor. * Mount the capacitor parallel relative to the edge. * Design pads about a half of the termination. * Fixture the board when using your pizza cutter.

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 10:59:59 EDT 2008 | fsw

Thnx Dave! I have not seen anyone as yet using fixtures to support brds while using Pizza cutters. Will check it out.

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 24 12:11:38 EDT 2008 | scombs

Is this what you are looking for? We do this on quite a few boards and it has eliminated component problems from the Cab depaneler (pizza cutter)

2010&2512 cracking

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 23 11:05:46 EST 2010 | kjs123p

We had this same problem several years ago. The caps and resistors were cracking when we snapped the boards apart. We now use a pizza cutter style depanelizer. A couple of manufacturers that I know of are CAB and Fancort. I hope this helps.

Depanelling scoring groove PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 12:50:56 EDT 2014 | comatose

We have several, the one everyone likes is a Fancort VPD5-330. We were having trouble with cracked ceramics near the score line with our pizza cutter style depaneler. The linear blade made it go away entirely. Not the cheapest, though.

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