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Typical placement speeds - please advise

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 28 07:19:32 EDT 2014 | sramos

Based on your knowledge and experience, could you tell me about speed differences when placing a mix of SMD at mass production? We could consider packages like the small R & C chips, then SOD323, SOT-23, SOT-23-5, SOT23-6, SON6, QFN8, SOIC-8, SOIC-16

Typical placement speeds - please advise

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 30 03:21:38 EDT 2014 | sramos

Thanks Alexei for your advice. I consider mainly high-volume production with tape/reel feeders for most components and tray for big ICs. My ultimate goal is a cost estimation of the production activities. So departing from a parts-list, I need to est

Typical placement speeds - please advise

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 13:15:35 EDT 2014 | rgduval

If you are developing a cost model for quotation/estimation purposes, we would recommend time studying a handful of existing jobs/set up's that you have, and averaging your actual CPM rate. Then determining your cost to operate from there. This wil

Typical placement speeds - please advise

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 29 02:50:37 EDT 2014 | alexeis

Hi, The issue is very complex and difficult to arbitrarily divide the types of components. From research we perform today together with our customers to design a work-at-SMT accurate as much as possible, I can summarize that vast time differences de

Typical placement speeds - please advise

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 04 03:22:31 EDT 2014 | sramos

Thanks Rob for your meaningful advice. Instead of just a general average time per component, I think if we have 3 averages, 1 per "component group", we will gain significant accuracy in the cost model. For instance, a motherboard may have 2500+ R and

Typical placement speeds - please advise

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 14 11:59:41 EDT 2014 | rgduval

I've primarily used MyData equipment, personally, and, optically centered devices definitely take longer than mechanically centered parts on a MyData, owing to the construction of the machine. With a fixed upward looking camera, the head has to pick

Typical placement speeds - please advise

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 12 03:45:19 EDT 2014 | comatose

If you're getting quoted .045 seconds per chip, or .9 seconds per IC, one of two things is happening. The most likely is the supplier has two machines in the line, one placing small parts quickly, and one placing large parts slowly. The part will run

0402 placement skew

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 14:08:21 EDT 2001 | markhoch

Are you guys providing adequate board support during glue dispense and placement? I've had this same problem with 0603's that I was able to correct with adequate board support. Also, if you're using a Fuji glue machine, what are your temperature sett


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 07:02:41 EST 2020 | dontfeedphils

Have you tried changing the Z speeds and/or wait times to help the 040 nozzle?

SMT part placement delay

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 18:28:41 EDT 2017 | tey422

dwl is right. You just have to spend some time to play with all the ones that causing the most delay. I would say the timing for X & Y axis try to set to max speed first (as long as not drops before placing). Then, slowly increase the Z speed until

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