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Training plan for SMT Operator

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 17:26:06 EST 2013 | linhh98

Dear All, I'm asking for the complete training plan for SMT equiment operator who uses DEk solder paste printing machine, MyData M19 and the Flextronix Oven for the large scale production industry level. Could someone please recommend me what the re

Training plan for SMT Operator

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 22:29:55 EST 2013 | armandogomez

This is a very common question, I can relate to your question I have here almost the same setup on the smt line, printer a DEK, MY12 and an awful versatronics oven, about the question about the responsibilities, here the operator has only the knowled

Training plan for SMT Operator

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 17:50:05 EST 2013 | jorge_quijano

I agree with Evitmov, I like to train the operator to do as much as possible, specially with the Changeovers, if they are responsible to load & adjust feeders, they will do it in the right way, if not it will be difficult for themselves to run the ma

Training plan for SMT Operator

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 05 09:01:59 EST 2013 | emeto

Hi, you will train him exactly as much as you want him to know. Do you have somebody who makes all the programs and tunes the machines for each product? If so let him just load feeders and push the green button. I have worked on different places and

Disaster Recovery Planning

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 06:08:42 EST 2001 | John Paul

Hi,Just wondering about the usage of diaster recovery planning for engineering.Due to the current climate we have been asked to develop a plan by a major O.E.M customer. just looking for input from other sites on the layout, proceedure etc. Risk ass

Key Production Indicators

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 09:31:11 EDT 2002 | Mark S.

As part of our Efficiency Improvement Plan I have been tasked at determining the Key Production Indicators from available production data. So I thought I would ask others what they thought were 1) the top production indicators for their facilites 2)

Re: My Wave Is Getting Fixed...

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 08:42:53 EST 1999 | Wayne Bracy

Steve: Basic, there are 5 P's Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance or Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance if you like 6 P's Wayne

Placement machine for back-plans

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 04:43:28 EDT 1998 | Michael Fogel

Does anybody knows of a used placement machine that can handle boards (Back-plans) of 650mmL x 550mmW with placement area of 500mm x 540mm ?

Production scheduling

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 14 11:05:26 EST 2003 | steves

Garth, Try searching on "capacity planning." This is a standard tool available in most MRP and ERP software packages. You may already own it in whatever software package you use for your material planning. Steve


Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 20:18:57 EDT 2005 | davef

Your customer knows what's correct, but we'd expect a unique FMEA for each process used in the quality plan and control plans to mitigate issues identified in the FMEA.

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