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Disaster Recovery Planning

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 06:08:42 EST 2001 | John Paul

Hi,Just wondering about the usage of diaster recovery planning for engineering.Due to the current climate we have been asked to develop a plan by a major O.E.M customer. just looking for input from other sites on the layout, proceedure etc. Risk ass

Key Production Indicators

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 09:31:11 EDT 2002 | Mark S.

As part of our Efficiency Improvement Plan I have been tasked at determining the Key Production Indicators from available production data. So I thought I would ask others what they thought were 1) the top production indicators for their facilites 2)

Re: My Wave Is Getting Fixed...

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 08:42:53 EST 1999 | Wayne Bracy

Steve: Basic, there are 5 P's Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance or Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance if you like 6 P's Wayne

Placement machine for back-plans

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 04:43:28 EDT 1998 | Michael Fogel

Does anybody knows of a used placement machine that can handle boards (Back-plans) of 650mmL x 550mmW with placement area of 500mm x 540mm ?

Production scheduling

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 14 11:05:26 EST 2003 | steves

Garth, Try searching on "capacity planning." This is a standard tool available in most MRP and ERP software packages. You may already own it in whatever software package you use for your material planning. Steve


Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 20:18:57 EDT 2005 | davef

Your customer knows what's correct, but we'd expect a unique FMEA for each process used in the quality plan and control plans to mitigate issues identified in the FMEA.


Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 21:53:25 EST 2013 | armandogomez

What version of software a re you using ? Some older versions of MyPlan have this problem? I have it with mine an is TPSys 2.4.6 and 3.3 MyPlan I cant ever get one right so I just use it as a guideline

Planned and Unplanned production stops

Electronics Forum | Thu May 07 15:24:57 EDT 2015 | twf

Hello Fellow SMTnet Members, taking a quick survey: Your SMT production line comes to a halt. What's your top 3 planned and unplanned causes for this?

Planned and Unplanned production stops

Electronics Forum | Thu May 07 18:30:24 EDT 2015 | comatose

Planned: End of day, Out of parts, Someone forgot to queue up another magazine Unplanned: Part mis-pick, Stencil printer 2d inspection failure, Conveyor or mag handler jammed


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 12:01:47 EDT 2022 | cbart

This is't making much sense to me? why do they want to remove it in the first place? it sounds like they plan to re-use it if they are worried about it being erased. if thats the case how do they plan to get it re-balled and back on to a board withou

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