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Removal of Parylene by Plasma Etching

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 16 15:00:45 EST 1997 | Chris Fontaine

I am looking for information regarding the removal of parylene through a plasma etching process. Any information about this subject, or the plasma etching process in general would be greatly appreciated. Vendor comments are also welcome. Thank y

Re: Removal of Parylene by Plasma Etching

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 19 12:09:16 EST 1997 | Brett Goldstein

At my previous job I tried to remove parylene using a plasma etching process. I don't remember the parameters used, but I do remember this: we had almost no success in removing parylene using plasma etching. I'd be quite interested in hearing if y

Re: Etch Cutting Equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 16:42:57 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Hi- | | I'm looking for an etch cutting machine. My present machine- Magic C-60 - made by Automation Unlimited is at the end of its useful life. A.U. no longer supports it and no longer manufactures new models. I am trying to find SOMEONE who d

Re: Removal of Parylene by Plasma Etching

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 18:20:33 EST 1997 | Graham Naisbitt

Brett and Chis, The method I understand to be the most popular is the use of micro-blasting or abrasion. In other words mechanical rather than chemical removal. However, that is only part of the problem - how do you repair the coating? The technique

Plasma Cleaning / Etching

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 21 15:15:19 EDT 2010 | jry74

Does anyone have any experience or heard of cleaning fully populated PCBs with plasma cleaning?

Plasma Cleaning System reccomendations

Electronics Forum | Thu May 28 19:21:04 EDT 2015 | groth12345

I am the Sales Manager for Plasma Etch. We have systems starting at $7K for cleaning PCBs up to 4" x 7". Please contact me at plasmaetchsteve@aol.com Thank you.

Reference Standard for Plasma Etching or Scrubbing on Flex Ckts

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 14:35:51 EDT 2004 | davef

Try: * NASA-STD-8739.1 Workmanship Standards For Staking And Conformal Coating Of Printed Wiring Boards And Electronic Assemblies * NHB 5300.4(3J) Requirements for Conformal Coating and Staking of Printed Wiring Boards and Electronic Assemblies

Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 06:22:27 EDT 2009 | qualityguy

We aware of the extend time for cure, and in the CA activity we tried plasma etch and expose the sample to the current process, a screen test of 4 cycles -50C to 125C and the CC held in place. Std IPC tape test passed in current process and modifie

Plasma Cleaning / Etching

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 10 08:23:34 EDT 2010 | duso02

We have done it before prior to conformal coating a customer's populated board with parylene. They had us do a sample first then conducted testing. No ill effects but it really comes down to the components installed and what they can handle. The surf

Reference Standard for Plasma Etching or Scrubbing on Flex Ckts

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 11:17:42 EDT 2004 | Ashok Dhawan

I am having coating adhesion problem with flex circuits. The cover plate material is KAPTON or Poly imide. The conformal coating material used is humiseal 2A64. The boards are cleaned, measuring less than 4 microgram Nacl per sq in. against acceptabl

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