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stencil printing parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 16:54:47 EST 2002 | davef

STARTING RANGES * Pressure � 1 pound/inch of blade (metal); 1.6-3 pound/inch (plastic) * Speed - 0.5 to 3 inch per sec [for standard pitch]; 0.5 to 1 inch per sec [for fine pitch] Your paste supplier�s recommendation is a good place to start. * Sepa

Adhesive printing thin plastic- vs. metal stencil

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 17 02:30:03 EDT 2002 | seje

Hello. There is been a lot of talk about thick plastic stencils vs. metal stencils for adhesive printing, but how about thin plastic stencils? We used to use a very thin plastic stencil (from loctite) with printgap (=snap-off) to adhesive printing

stencil printing SPC

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 14 18:20:50 EST 2005 | yoman

I'm trying to develop an spc chart for the stencil printing process but don't know which direction to go. Any suggestion?

adhesif stencil printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 05:06:49 EDT 2010 | atchoum

Hi, I'm looking for an adhesive which can be stencil printed, in order to assembled PET (top layer) with Glass (bottom layer) for resistive touch panel application. The adhesive should be deposited at the border of bottom &/or top layer. Do you know

lead-free stencil printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 10:47:56 EDT 2003 | davef

The metals used to replace the lead weigh less than the lead.

lead-free stencil printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 25 13:53:56 EDT 2003 | russ

There isn't any difference in the printing process regarding leadfree vs. lead. The only differences are in the reflow process. Russ

stencil printing parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 10:32:29 EST 2002 | barryg

hello evryone. I am rleatively new to smt production. Though we have been successfully running pcb assy's and getting very good solder quality we are trying to get some proccess control parameters set up for our printing process. We have a semiauto s

stencil printing SPC

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 15 19:17:26 EST 2005 | yoman

Thanks for your reply. We are using EKRA E4 Inline Automatic Stencil Printer. It is Capable of Automatic stencil inspection. 2D solder coverage inspection. Fix Squeegee angle at 45 degees angle. Programmable squeegee speeds and pressure, boards snap

stencil printing SPC

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 14 18:32:46 EST 2005 | russ

what did your D.O.E. studies show you as the critical parameters? These are the ones that you need to measure. If you did not perform DOE than you probably should prior to putting an SPC chart out there. What type of measurement capabilities regar

lead-free stencil printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 25 12:59:14 EDT 2003 | successmani

hi, I am a research student in Electronics manufacturing at RIT. We are planning to assemble boards using lead free solder paste. I was wondering would there be any changes in printing in using lead-free paste"Sn-3.9Ag-0.5Cu". Thedensity of Sn-37Pb

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