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need to modify smt pcb with molytabs

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 25 12:48:07 EST 2001 | jveloso7

I need to modify smt pcb which require numerous modifications. In stead of use multiple wires, of which would require multiple wires to the same spot. I would like to use molytabs. We used these in the microelectronic hybrids circuits and worked

solder on gold finger

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 21:30:27 EDT 2001 | davef

The issue is on the table. Which is it? Are you ... * Loosing your gold plate when you remove the tape? [A tape test is a standard test for evaluating gold fingers. Check IPC-TM-650, test number wachacallit. Checkitaut.] OR * Putting tape o

Re: Pb-Free solder alloying with finish on components

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 11:17:04 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

The classic dilemma, cost vs. performance. In typical applications, Sn whisker growth is not an issue. It only seems to occur under extreme use (high stress, low temperature)conditions. Until this issue is fully addressed, Pd seems to be the favor

Re: Lead free

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 16:08:08 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

Yes if we are going to be lead free than lead will have to go. There are alternative plating finishes, Shipley have been doing a lot of work in this area. Also have a look at the NPL web site. Some people say that new crieria is necessary but I thin

Gold coated spring contacts

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 18:31:20 EDT 2001 | genny

The experiment was to determine insertions from a > gold plated board into a connector. Same > thickness boards (0.062"), with 100 m base > nickel. � 100m gold =_ 500 insertions � 50 m > gold =_ 300 insertions � 30 m gold =_ 50 to 75 > insertio

Matrix Tray Holder

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 22:25:21 EDT 2001 | Doug Kester

Has anyone heard of a single or double tray holder plate for Siemens Siplace equipment (either OEM or aftermarket). This would be similar to the Universal, Quad, and Zevatech platens for trays that just clip on to the feeder holders. Have only a co

Matrix Tray Holder

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 15:20:35 EDT 2001 | stefwitt

You can make up a plate over lapping the tape exit guide and to the right up to the nozzle changer. It should hold three standard size Jedec trays. I used the bases of two old vibratory feeder. No matter what you do, you should use strong magnets to

Loctite Adhesive Viscosity

Electronics Forum | Tue May 15 08:40:52 EDT 2001 | Stefan Witte

The viscosity is only consistent over a small temperature range. If your room temperature has changed by a few degrees, it can make all the difference. You may have to increase the settling time. We did not check the viscosity, but measured the con

What Else Are They Good For?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 19:37:02 EDT 2001 | Gil Zweig

You can use your x-ray inspection system to QC incoming multi-layer printed circuit boards. In particular you would want to insure drilling registration. A drilled, plated through hole, precipitously close to a ground plane can have , in time, copper

Re: High temperature solder paste for gold plated MCMs

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 21:30:06 EST 2000 | Dave F

Tuan: Consider Sn 96.5/Ag 3.5 or Sn10/PB88/Ag02 also. As Glenn says, you had better get rid of that gold or you will never have a shiney connection. Not that a shiney connection means anything about the quality or reliability of your soldering. M

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