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FUJI Line vs MY15 line

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 06 16:09:03 EDT 2005 | avalancher

Grant, As a MYDATA user, your comments worry me. You state that the MDYATA's are not stable or reliable? I am currently placing 0201's with the HYDRA head (at appx 15K/hr) with 0.01% fallout/bad placement. I also place a large range of fine p

solder paste coverage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 01 07:34:19 EDT 2005 | davef

It's unusual to use a horseshoe shaped pad for a 0805. Commonly when people want to reduce the paste volume to reduce solder balling, they print a "home plate" aperature. We print paste 1:1 with the pad. �IPC-7351 LP Wizard� is the library mainten

fine pitch QFP

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 22:14:51 EDT 2005 | davef

16 thou pitch parts: Use a 5 thou laser cut electropolished stencil with 0.008"x0.045" apertures and type 3 solder paste. Bridges Connecting or Partially Connecting Adjacent Leads or Lands * Excessive solder paste * Excessive component placement pre

Plating Integrity

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 17 10:06:13 EDT 2005 | Doug

We have had some experience with the immersion tin. The appearance can be "bright" or "dull". Don't discount the fact that it is "bright" doesn't necessarily make it HASL. Furthermore, I personally have never heard of a board manufacturer "stripping

Plating Integrity

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 17 10:47:48 EDT 2005 | davef

Doug: We agree that imm tin can be easily stripped and reapplied. Do you order imm tin as bright/ dull? Is bright/dull a function of who the fabricator lisences the process? Er wha? Electroplate tin can be either matt or bright. It is different

SPC and Wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 08:20:44 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

And why do you want to control the process? To prevent defects, I would think. Actually orginally the way I first saw SPC was to reduce inspection. If you are using SPC for plating thickness, you don't have to measure every piece to be confident the

PCB finish for RoHS?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 22:32:18 EDT 2005 | adlsmt

If you are using fine lines and tight spacing ENIG may be cheaper than HASL. This is because there is not as much bridging at the board house between traces so they do less touch up. This would probably be even more true with no-lead. We have been us

Fuji CP6 back-up pins

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 11:15:16 EDT 2005 | dougs

do you mean the board support pins? generally anytime i've set these up i've just set the height as i've went, i put the pin under the board, with the board clamped, and move it up until it touches the board and set it there. you just need to make

Reflow Oven Selection

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 16:50:13 EDT 2005 | Mark

I have an application that requires soldering pieces of metal (copper plate and copper fins to make a heatsink). Each piece is about 1 lb. I cannot test it in our reflow oven (5 zone) since the piece is about 3" in height. Has anyone attempted to

Sell 10 Pair Krone LSA PLUS Disconnection Module

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 28 22:19:34 EDT 2005 | sonata06

Origin: China Price: To Talk About Specification: 1)Thickness Of Silver Plating:From 2Um-15Um 2)Material:ABS or PBT 3)Cu-Ni-Silver 4)Earth Module,Profile Module,Profile Switching Module,Disconnection Module,Connection Module 5)Different Colors are

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