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MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 30 10:04:39 EDT 2006 | daxman

I found this pot, and tried adjusting it. It was already turned to its maximum, and the histogram did not look good. I tried replacing the board lamp and this helped the histogram a lot, but I am not able to get the bars centered in the green. The

Hardware for ROHS builds

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 11:04:06 EST 2006 | muse95

What type of hardware are you looking for? Nuts and bolts? Custom machined/stamped parts? In general, stainless steel is usually considered RoHS, but more expensive. However, medical equipment usually uses things like stainless steel. However, som

What happens to overheated solder?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 20:34:09 EST 2006 | davef

We're not real clear on the issue. [Got ourselves wrapped around lead (Pb) versus lead (termination), we think.] That aside, comments are: * Boiling point of lead [Pb] is [/K]: 2022 [or 1749 �C (3180 �F)] * It's possible that the material that com

PbF PCB finish

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 07:02:11 EST 2007 | CL

ASIR, Findings for us so far: OSP- has worked well for us for single sided boards only. We have seen problems with using it on double sided reflow applications. Also, some customers have specified OSP, but are intolerant of exposed copper. Limited

Soldering to Platinum/Silver terminations.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 12:58:49 EST 2007 | barryg

We are seeing problems with platinum over silver plated part also. Our main problem is solder splatter under these devices, and voiding at the terminations on parts off the reels.I am curious if you have removed any of these parts and noticed any spl

internal tray feeder

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 18:46:13 EST 2007 | darby

Imagine you put two 8mm feeders on the rear feeder plate, they are about the same distance apart as the length of your tray. On top of these feeders are two slotted arms that allow you to move the arms towards the moveable rail. You place your tray o


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 08:46:23 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Well I DO KNOW! Hi aj, 100% on the lead pads and 50% reduction on the center pad if you do not use thermal vias. If you do use thermal vias, you may need to increase the amount of paste needed, but not by much. 50% will be a good start. After re

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 10:16:14 EDT 2007 | davef

Pick and place: * Fuji: The largest pcb size is 20" by 18" for pick and place; 18"x14" for chip shooters. Fuji NP XL series allows 27 by 23 inch boards using a conveyor. * MYDATA has machines that can be configured to 34" X 44" X 0.500" * HSP 4796A a

Conformal Coat Thermal Conductivity

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 18 09:16:51 EDT 2007 | Cecil

We currently have an assembly that we have to mask the surface of several (24)SMT components where thermal compound is applied at a latter operation. These component packages vary from BGA's to QFP's. After the thermal compound is applied the PWA is

lead free components in leaded process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 11:59:21 EDT 2007 | hussman

Phil is wrong. In the real world, we know that part mfgers have not changed every one of their parts to make them "high temp". They just changed the plating. Anyone who thinks otherwise, has never run a profile or touched a warm board coming out o

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