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Wave solder flow over back plate

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 10:11:36 EST 2013 | patrickbruneel

The backflow in the wave started to become very important with the development of no-clean/no residue fluxes. These fluxes don’t have (or at least shouldn’t have) rosin, resin or other vehicles in the formulation which encapsulate surface oxides from

Vitronics XPM1 problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 14 13:48:18 EDT 2013 | cyber_wolf

The entire oven is clean there are no blockages and the heater plates are brand new. I have worked with Vitronics technical support and gone through this thing with a fine tooth comb. I have even gone as far as to compare the exhaust and intake cap c

Manual soldering - solder wire diameter and soldering iron tip size for different component sizes

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 16 05:05:32 EDT 2013 | stivais

We recently had a discussion with customer's QM - he claims that calculations for a proper solder wire diameter and soldering iron tip size (and temperature) have to be performed and documented for all manual (T/H) solderings (based on component size

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 13:04:50 EDT 2013 | williamaxler

I used method 'A' but I leave the wave on. I use a stainless steal brush like 7248T13 on McMaster-Carr.com. This way I can apply the acid and scrub the nozzle. Another important part is get a small brush to push down into the nozzle to make sure y


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 15:19:41 EST 2014 | davef

For a typical wear surface application [millions of wipes], I agree with hege. You need to be talking electrolytic gold, NOT immersion gold. IPC-2221 says something like ... For edge connectors and areas not to be soldered: * Nickel - 2.5um [~100uin]

paste quality

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 19:08:31 EST 2014 | darby

Have to agree with Sr Tech and Spoilt - you'd have to really mistreat your paste these days for it to be the root cause. However, try another paste to eliminate that; making sure you abide by the suppliers specs. Pad design, stencil design,(includin

Soldering to a nickel plated battery terminal

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 22 08:55:54 EDT 2014 | davef

I assume that you're talking about wanting to solder to metal tabs that are spot welded to the battery terminal. These tabs are not meant to be soldered. The metal was special selected for welding. In the old days, you could buy plumbing flux at th

browny, brassy, dark, HAL Pb-free pads

Electronics Forum | Tue May 20 18:38:23 EDT 2014 | hegemon

From the picture I would say the problem lies with the PWB manufacturer. It looks as though some part of the plating process was not optimal during the PWB production run, and you have the resulting discoloration following the reflow process. What

Thiourea exposure in manual soldering of immersion tin PCBs

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 01 13:50:12 EDT 2014 | sync40

Thank you for your reply davef. Although the US restriction, I think that there are plenty of users of immersion tin in Americas, mainly low-volume fabs that do not plan to outsource finishing, or do not plan or can not invest in a HASL. If we res

OSP PCB Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 18 03:21:59 EDT 2014 | skipbruce

Hello June The following infomationI find from net for you reference. OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) 1)Preserves copper surface from oxidation until asse mbly. 2) Very thin coating (100-4000 Angstroms). 3)Applied in a vertical (dip tank

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