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Re: Black spots on gold finish pads.

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 01 07:24:44 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

Hi folks , Lately we are seeing a lot of rawcards with black spots on the pads - most of them have Au finish(immersion gold) . We did a lot of inspecton after wave solder and found that only (fine pitch) QFP are affected the most. Our inspection

Re: unsoldered joints

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 22 12:25:31 EDT 1998 | Chrys

Hi Jacqueline! Do these joints that you're having problems with happen to be on fine pitch solder joints? Are the fillets staying attached to the foot and separating from the pads cleanly? If that is true, are there many vias concen

Re: T sub G

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 25 17:49:15 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

Hello, Our PWB supplier has requested that a change in the laminate material to reduce the incidence of pad lifting. The standard laminate materials (Polyclad PCL-FR-226 with a glass transition temperature of 135 C) have greater z-axis thermal e

Re: Stupid follow-up

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 21 07:57:20 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

Will somebody please explain HASL (here). Thanks. Tryin: HASL: Hot Air Solder Leveled. A board fabrication process that applies an oxidation preventing solder coating to copper pads on the board. Dave F You do this to keep the green s

Solder Spotting on Gold

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 09:51:20 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

This text may be of interest to any one with tin lead spots Guide to Solder Spots - A New Plague in Manufacture ? So what are solder spots ? They appear to be the next big problem in modern reflow assembly in fact in any process that involves solder

Re: Ok Earl I give already!

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 05:42:36 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

Earl, I admit that I missed your article since I seemed to have let my subscription to Circuit Fabrication Magazine expire. I am interested in your experience in this area. Is there a way to get a copy of your paper? Could you maybe post it to

Re: Drying ICs any advice

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 11:39:30 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

We had some failures on an IC package that the manufacturer has put down to moisture inside the package, leading to popcorning. This seems a bit odd, the package is a PLCC 84 which is quite thick. I have only seen this problem on thin package

Machine good/bad points

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 09:26:16 EST 2002 | stefwitt

you should also look into the different placement methods and their advantages and weaknesses. A chip shooter with a rotary head and lets say 18 nozzles always places one component and picks one at the same time. PC board and feeder table move while

Component Plating/Oxidation problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 13 17:18:11 EST 2003 | davef

First, don�t get distracted by �OA� and �NC� formulations. This is nomenclature. We want to discuss the issue of �activity�. J-STD-004 "Requirements for Soldering Fluxes" classifies fluxes by their chemical composition, activity level and halide c

Gold Edge Connector

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 16 06:46:59 EST 2005 | -=Verm=-

Hi lads long time no post... I have an issue with a PCB, its a PCI card that we manufacture for a customer of ours. The customer is seeing a problem with contact on a PCI card with the motherboard, the PCI card is removed from the board wiped and th

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