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Re: Skewing chip components

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 11:42:29 EDT 2000 | Chrys Shea

Sal, Silly question: Were the parts skewed before they went into the oven? I've chased down a few similar reflow problems in my lifetime, only to find out it was a pick and place problem. Wrong nozzle size, bad nozzle, feeder not advancing all

Re: IP3 QFP Problems - Has anybody had the same probs?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 05 22:40:40 EDT 2000 | Dean

...well, if I had Fuji in on 4 occasions and the problem is not resolved I would wonder what exactly I paid for... Here is what I would do. 1. Run the glass plate program. This will eliminate variables in your production parts and boards. Additi

Re: Home plate or bow tie?

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 10 12:56:15 EDT 2000 | Ken Van ZIll

I agree that homplate is a good design, but also this could be caused by the stencil thickness and aperture size, if you are at 7-9 mils thick stencil and a 1:1 ratio on aperture size then 2 things i know of will happen, one a squishing out of past o

Re: Wave Soldering No-Clean Bottom-Side SMT

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 12:17:22 EDT 2000 | C.K.

Donnie is correct. "NO-Clean" doesn't translate to "no-residue!"..... who's giving you hassle about this - your ICT guys??!! Residue remaining on your PCB substrate is a function of many different things - flux deposition, solder mask (glossy means

Re: Board contamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 11:00:38 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Mario: Your ask a very broad question and give no background information. Generally, the amount and type of residues present on a printed circuit board at the very beginning of a SMT line depends on the exposure of the board up to that point. For


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 27 20:48:25 EST 2000 | Dave F

Robert: Howya doin' bud? You say "BGA Shorting!!!" I say "Too Much Solder!!!" So, earlier comments about aperture design are appropriate, make good points, and I think we both agree that improvements could be made in your stencil design, but I'm

Wave Solder Immersion Depth, Contact length, Dwell Time etc.

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 23:52:31 EST 2001 | Dreamsniper

Hey guys, I ran a couple of profile in our wave solder machine using wave optimizer and this is what i got: Parallelism = 0.0 Immersion Depth = 2.1mm to 2.4mm with varying immersion time from 1.1 sec to 3.1 secs. Contact Length = between 5.0 to 6.0

Wave Solder Immersion Depth, Contact length, Dwell Time etc.

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 16 02:00:12 EST 2001 | PeteC

Dreamsniper, The optimum contact (dwell) time in the wave should be 2 seconds. Contact band width is a function of conveyor speed. For an example, 5cm of contact band width at 150cm/min. conveyor speed will give you 2 seconds of contact time and 2cm

BGA X-Ray inspection question

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 17:11:57 EST 2001 | davef

First, x-ray inspection machines have a wide range of capilities. Resolution is a key measure of a machine's ability to "distinguish" features. People say that some x-ray inspection machines have the ability to position the board being inspected at

Part sliding in reflow?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 13:33:00 EDT 2001 | Kris W

Howdy all! Nothin' up my sleeve!!! While attempting to reflow an RF antennae on std FR4, HASL coated, using no clean paste, in a Research Thermaflo 10, the part sometimes slides on one of the pads (as much as 0.125"). There is a slight amount of w

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