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Printing micro-vias for BGA placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 10 14:55:59 EDT 2002 | xrayhipp

Pete, thanks for the input. These are microvias and dont go through the pcb -- they are laser cut to various depths into the board and are .006" dia. on gold plated pads. Paul.

Feeder Protection Plates on Siplace S20

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 09:47:29 EDT 2002 | ghenning

Has anyone out there installed these devices on an S20 or had a head crash without them? Are they worth the investment to safeguard the machine? Is there another solution that one might consider?

Feeder Protection Plates on Siplace S20

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 15:26:00 EDT 2002 | ghenning

We got a pair and installed them with little trouble. One hole to drill and tap per side. Activates the e-stop but no message on the HMI.

Au Plating

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 22:02:16 EDT 2002 | davef

Russ is spot on!!! [Although, he maybe talking uin rather than micron.] Search the fine SMTnet Archives for more.

Au Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 16:39:42 EDT 2002 | davef

'Flash' is too thin to bear the traffic of most wear surfaces like Jake is talking about. Follow-up with the fretting corrosion discussion over on the current [Jim Zanolli / Teka] OnBoard forum.

gold connectors

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 08:04:25 EDT 2002 | zanolli

Hello Russ, I'm not quite sure I understand your question. Are you saying that you must hand solder these connectors because the gold plating doesn't allow other though hole processing methods to wet the solder the length of the pin in the PTH? Reg

Solder Balls in Vias

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 13:13:58 EDT 2002 | slthomas

Another thing we see is solder balls (sometimes fines, sometimes larger stuff) in the vias after a misprint has been poorly cleaned, as in wiped down but not washed. They end up in the plated through holes too, but those get nicely cleaned up in the

BGA Reliability

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 27 14:30:56 EDT 2002 | Juan C. Ruiz

Do you have any picture or reference how can we determine black pad or plating contamination. I have heard about a lot of problems regarding BGA's and normally these components are only replaced or heat it and that's it ,after that the boards are wor

Gold versus HASL

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 11:20:50 EDT 2002 | ksfacinelli

I have never seen that occur when using gold plating vs. HASL. I am a big fan of the gold process and have achieved very consistent quality. Did the board vender do an impedance measure to validate you design?

About the PCB gold finger contamination.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 21:17:50 EDT 2002 | Sam

We had encountered similar problem before. But the cause was found out to be the poor good plating, instead of contamination. The way we dealt with that was sending them to the supplier for rework. It may be the fastest and most relaibility way. Goo

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