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what ERP software is best for CM?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 02:36:06 EDT 2018 | alexeis

Hi Jeff, I would like to recommend our solution, called Kulmos ERP, that was built dedicated for CM. Our customers are very satisfied with it and it includes unique things for CM like integrated PLM (also called Proventus PLM), eCAD Viewer (called P


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 20 08:32:43 EST 2008 | babe7362000

Can anyone give me suggestions as to what software that can convert gerbers into cad data and be brought into Unicam (UGS PLM Software). We are currently using Gerbcam but it outdated and we need to upgrade soon. Thanks for your info.

Programming Software

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 15:55:05 EDT 2013 | ghenning

There's also UniCAM... http://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/en_us/products/tecnomatix/industry/hte/pcbd.shtml

Traceability system

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 28 08:42:59 EST 2009 | jax

Quick List: 1. Cells 2. Valor 3. Aegis 4. Siemens 5. Optimal I have used Cells, Valor, Aegis, and Optimal (I think Siemens leans more towards a PLM system). I would recommend Optimal, but it will all depend on how in-depth yo

Is DEK USA gone

Electronics Forum | Fri May 24 09:19:02 EDT 2019 | davef

http://www.nordsonselect.com. Accel: Cookson created Speedline after purchasing: MPM®, Electrovert®, Accel®, and Camalot®. In 2003, KPS Special Situations Fund II purchased Speedline from Cookson. In, 2007, Illinois Tool Works ITW acquired Speedlin


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