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ETS oven spare part (machine down)

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 03:27:52 EST 2005 | joaquin

email to Roger Plough [ets@icehouse.net]

Agilis Feeders Exposed Parts Upon Removal from Feeder?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 15:57:57 EDT 2011 | sjs2303

Dave, I think he means that when the plough on the feeder peels back the tape, it exposes a few extra components that are yet to be picked. As a result when he is finished with the reel there are some components in pockets that are not required but

Ultra low cost pick & place?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 15 23:13:26 EDT 2008 | sarason

The Essemtec has a very cheap to manufacture feeder which you could adapt, or try one of the feeders that remove the tape by "ploughing" it off. Can't recall the brand right now. They are well made, but very cheap to make. The laser gets you speed. T


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