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Ultrasonic wash for BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 21:21:21 EDT 2017 | duchoang

For some reasons, we need to wash our BGA boards in ultrasonic washer in order to clean all flux residue under BGA. We use Ultrasonic cleaner with 40 KHz. Should we or shouldn't we do that. Pros and Cons ? Any idea appreciated.

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 16:46:40 EDT 2004 | davef

We assume this is different discussion that the discussion about "crystallized flux under BGA". Correct? Milky residue with water washing makes us think "noclean flux res that just got washed". We know what you said, but we can't help ourselves.

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 00:17:41 EDT 2004 | Shean Dalton

Additionally, increases in temperature can increase the water's rate of reaction with the flux. Sometimes, only a 5 degree change can make the cleaning difference. If the flux inconsistently presents itself, then the likely cause is something in

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 00:22:17 EDT 2004 | Shean Dalton

and one more thought about your original question, if the flux does look really strange and out of place, then inspect the reflow oven. A great amount of flux condensation in the reflow oven's cooling zone can cause crystalized flux to become airbor

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 18:11:21 EDT 2004 | davef

Improper washing of water soluable flux residues can be a major contributor to flux residues remaining on the board surface. ;-O That you appear to be only complaining about the pathetic state of the ability of your washer to clean under BGA, it may

Water wash flux and cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 09:47:23 EDT 2017 | georgetruitt

You have a lot to think about! What does the flux manufacturer recommend as far as specifics like water temp or pressure? Do they recommend high temp di-water a detergent or saponifier? Do you currently have a cleaning machine, batch cleaner or inl

Cleaning Water Soluble Flux under BGA's

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 25 12:20:21 EST 2004 | Mike Konrad

OK� Nap time�s over! Technically speaking, water soluble flux is just that, soluble in water. Technically speaking, one does not need a saponifier or any other chemical agent to remove water soluble (OA) flux residues. However, one must conside

Tenting via(s) under BGA & CSP?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 11 19:06:59 EDT 2002 | tmarc

We are using 1mm pitch BGAs with a great quantity of via(s) under the component. Very shortly we will be placing CSPs with .65mm pitch. Our via(s) are solder masked, however we generally have a percentage of them that the masking is thin enough that

Cleaning Water Soluble Flux under BGA's

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 24 21:51:23 EST 2004 | davef

Dreamy It sounds like you are having fun in your new job. Saponifier. Alkaline chemicals, added to water, that convert rosin/resin flux residues in the water to soluble soaps. Generally, saponifiers are better if used in an aggressive spray-in-ai

Tenting via(s) under BGA & CSP?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 17:22:47 EDT 2002 | davef

First, splitting hairs on parlance. * Conformal Coating. A thin electrically nonconductive protective coating that conforms to the configuration of the covered assembly to provide environmental and mechanical protection. * Solder Mask. Coating mate

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