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Adhesive Dispensing

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 08:06:03 EST 2006 | davef

"The three dispensing pumps used for encapsulation are the air/time syringe, rotary positive displacement pump (RPDP) and the linear piston pump. Each of these methods of dispensing offer different attributes but the most accurate method is the linea

Adhesive Dispensing

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 22 10:02:08 EST 2006 | Aaj

Hi! Why positive displacement technique cannot be used for underfill dispensing? Which is the best technique to dispense underfill?

Adhesive Dispensing? Positive Displacement VS. Archimedes valve

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 15:33:46 EST 2000 | Chad

Just looking for any recommendation on which pump is more consistent.We are currently using Positive Displacement pump and are have inconsistent dots. Also has anyone had any issues running Amicon 6750. We just recently changed from Loctite 3609 due

Solder paste dispensing

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 18 09:09:37 EST 2003 | pjc

The FGLV has a air pressure displacement valve, which is designed for adhesives. A positive displacement valve is better suited for solder pastes. Check with Fuji to see if they offer optional valves.

Re: Fluxes

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 18:28:39 EST 2000 | Russ

I agree with Steve, Ultra Sonic fluxing with positive displacement instead of air pressure is key (at least in my experience). You might want to try the NR330 instead. It seems to give less solder balls and fills holes very well. Russ

Re: Dispensing Paste On 20 Pitch Pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 13:31:41 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

For 20 mil pitch applications, two important properties to evaluate are (1) dispensing volume consistency, (2) slump performance. As to the dispensing equipment, positive displacement will be the better choice for better consistency. Nozzle size is v

Re: Adhesive Dispensing? Positive Displacement VS. Archimedes valve

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 12:53:26 EST 2000 | Mike

Chad, We currently use the PD pump technology, and do not have any problems. I would be glad to discuss some of our process variables with you. Drop me an email with your phone number and I will give you a call. MIKE

GDM paste dispensing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 09:37:28 EST 2002 | clarkk

Does anyone out there have experience dispensing solder paste with a Universal GDM (4716AL) with positive displacement pumps? I'd like to hear any comments on the success or failure of the machine to dispense consistently, effect of temperature varia

SMT adhesive suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 17 15:41:10 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Yuppers. Back in the "late '90s" at my last company, we, too, used loctite's chipbonder with our GDM positive displacement pump. It works okay for that application.

Re: Adhesive on hot PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 21:05:34 EST 1999 | Curtis T.

Ken, we always build the bottom side of the board first. That also insures that there isn't any problems with the actives being reflowed and falling off in the glues curing process. By the way we do both paste and glue on the bottom of the boards t

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