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does potato can absorbed the solder or lead

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 06 10:33:30 EST 2006 | PWH

Wasn't the potato chip invented by accident when someone dropped sliced potatoes in hot oil? Maybe this could be the new thing! �Lead-Tots� or something like that.

Solder Bridging on BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 14 14:29:22 EDT 2002 | davef

Russ makes good points. Search the archives for: * Links to rework machine profiles. * Discussion on people causing corner shorts on their BGA, when heating them too rapidly, making the corners to curl like potato [potatoe?] chips.


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 10:37:14 EDT 2001 | davef

If you heat a BGA too quickly, the corners of the device will curl towards the ceiling [potato chip], because they come to temperature faster that other areas. Adding to this, thinner substrates tend to potato chip more and faster than thicker subst

bga warp

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 10 08:22:36 EDT 2002 | davef

I doubt that the interposer is FR4, it's more likely to be BT. Warp during reflow is a function of material a reflow recipe. Your ramp is too fast and is causing the interposer to bend like a potato chip.

BGA Corner

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 13 01:38:59 EDT 2011 | kenneth0

Hello Steve, i think you are experiencing the potato chip effect, where temperature difference at the center and edges are huge; causing BGA edges to tilt down or up.Try narrow down the temperature difference between the center of BGA and corner. I

X-ray vs AOI

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 16:48:00 EDT 2001 | Gil Zweig

We have found a significant number of PBGA problems associated with physical deformation of the package. Deformations such as dishing (potatoe chipping) and delamination under the die (popcorning). These can be detected by x-ray by the variation patt

BGA crack and strain gauge measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 08:05:50 EST 2006 | davef

There is no standard for a strain gage measurement of allowable deflection of a board or a fixture. It's possible that your fixture is causing the BGA cracking that you see. What protion of the BGA is cracking? If it is the solder connection, sear

Selective pallet thickness

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 10:10:03 EDT 2001 | Rob Fischer

Obviously the less mass in the wave the better. There will be less heat sinking and less push on the solder. Pallet thickness is typically a function of the tallest component on the board. If the board has one component that is tall but small in a

What Will I See

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 11:23:44 EDT 2001 | Gil Zweig

BGA defects observed with x-ray inspection fall into catagories. One catagory is the obvious defects; i.e. soledr bridges, missing balls, excessive solder voids. The second catagory is the more subtle "potential" defect. This is where variations in

BGA Bowing on the corners.

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 23:17:22 EDT 2003 | Hoss

Mike, Any chance these parts have been sitting around esposed to your factory's ambient conditions, not in a vacuum sealed bag or dry box? If they haven't, you may have parts with a high moisture content which could cause "potato chipping" you desc

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