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Quad 4C power switch

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 16:56:32 EDT 2013 | marcelorotofrance

When I turn the machine on, almost every time I turn the Motor Power Switch it trips. I must to put the lever down and raise it again, then every runs normally. I asked to the former owner about that and told me that this machine always did it so and

Quad 4C power switch

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 20:55:39 EDT 2013 | marcelorotofrance

My own unit has an internal transformer also. It has multiple secondaries, and a divided primary which can be configured to the required voltage by changing jumpers. Best regards.

Quad 4C power switch

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 16 03:13:32 EDT 2013 | rollon65

Hi Marcelo. I have used 2 non EU model 4C machines since 2002 that do this almost every time from a cold switch on. My local Tyco tech guy said that they all do it. They are still going after 12 years. I have another EU machine that does the sam

Quad 4C power switch

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 15:21:17 EDT 2013 | marcelorotofrance

Hi Rollon, thanks for your answer. At this point it seems that cold-start current surge, because the presence of large value capacitors in the power source, exceeds the sensitivity of the protection switches rather than a malfunction. Nevertheless, i

Quad 4C power switch

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 02:34:37 EDT 2013 | rollon65

Hi Marcelo The two machines I mentioned are the American type but they have an internal transformer fitted to convert from 110 to 220 Volts for U.K. Incidentally only one of the machines does it on a regular basis whilst the other one is mostly O.K

high power operation

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 05:12:20 EDT 2007 | wayne_

Hi Is there any standard or requirement to test the solder under high power operation? For example, a power switching device, what is the failure mode of the solder joint after the whole equipment undergone a high power (current / voltage) environmen

Dek-265 no power

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 07:03:07 EDT 2008 | gemengr

DEK_265LT had been turn off and on by itsefl couple of time yesterday,and then off for good. I check the power going in to machine to the switch,got power to it,then power out to that little green box but there wasn't any power out put from that lit

Dek-265 no power

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 08:03:25 EDT 2008 | chineechooze

You need switch out the cognex vision card.

Dek265 mk1 power problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 06 05:53:47 EST 2020 | richardcargill

First switch on after the holidays and this year it's the Dek265 playing up. On switch on, the screen comes up with "motor comms failure, card 0 axis123 " . On looking at the cards there seems to be a power feed missing ( see attached pict

Heller 1088 power draw

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 27 12:48:12 EDT 2023 | assuredtech

Full Load Amp (FLA) ratings on a nameplate indicate that if you turned 100% of everything on all at the exact same time with the flip of a switch it would hit this FLA rating. Obviously, this would be bad and is not the reality of what happens. Each

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