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Reflowing a PowerPak SO-8

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 08:24:16 EST 2003 | Paul O ' Connor

When reflowing a Vishay PowerPak SO-8 & using the recommended footprint from the data sheet, the component is skewing in reflow, to solve this we have to add a glue dot to both sides of the part, will making the PCB land pad 1:1 with the Solderable

Reflowing a PowerPak SO-8

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 08:49:39 EST 2003 | Axl

You might want to try reducing your stencil aperture by 10% first off; if it still swims try using a home plate design. Also if your profile is going into liquidous to fast, this might cause the swimming as well, check your profile.

Reflowing a PowerPak SO-8

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 06 07:54:50 EST 2003 | davef

First, skewing is a perfectly acceptable condition, providing the amount of skewing is not excessive. A-610 provides guidance. Second, this part is a land grid device. Land grid devices [ie, BCC�, LGA, QFN, MicroLeadFrame�, etc] are essentially BGA


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