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QFN's and LGA's

Electronics Forum | Tue May 12 10:03:12 EDT 2009 | daan_terstegge

Hi All, I see more and more components like QFN or LGA with bottom-only terminations,with landpatterns getting finer all the time. I have no ppm-figures of our process, but based on a benchmark study by Agilent I'd say that 500 ppm is a decent value


Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 03:39:06 EDT 2003 | mantis

Hi Chris, I found this site to be very useful and explanitory while calculating the sigma level of or company. http://www.isixsigma.com/sixsigma/six_sigma.asp It has explanations on anything and everything process control related. Regards,

SPC and Wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 13:28:55 EDT 2005 | Brian

A process consists of much more than just thee machine. When developing a cause and effect diagram ffor the process, there are many parameters that fall outside the machine itself. There are Man, Machine, Methods, and Materials. Just monitoring th

CIM systems and Final Assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 11:42:05 EST 2001 | aiscorp

In the past when the electronics industry was only beginning to mature, many companies considered CIM systems or even just basic CAD/CAM functionality a luxury of only the large OEM's which would develop their own tools. Now, with the competitivenes

SPC - Reflow and Wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 11 07:23:07 EDT 2002 | johnw

peter, define what you class as SPC for these area's, or do you just mean looking at the PPM or DPM levels? John

Re: Cracking Capacitors and Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 14:52:16 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

| Earl, et al, | Boy things get old and cold around here fast. I promised more detail on my capactior problem and I thought I could drop something completely different in the same message and tell a tale of solder balls. | First the caps. We stil

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 19:24:00 EDT 2001 | sharafali

It has been mentioned that DPMO offers large advantages over First Pass yield calculations for measuring process performance!!regarding the same I have a few queries: What are the benchmarks for using DPMO as measures of process performance? How is

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 04 13:41:52 EDT 2001 | Brian W.

IPC7912 deals with the end result, ie an OEM getting boards from a contract manufacturer. I have a friend who is sitting on these committees. He tells me there is a new standard due out for actually doing in-process DPMO. From a process standpoint

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 16:44:27 EDT 2001 | davef

Several points are: * Some may argue that DPMO is peculiar and specific. That�s why IPC-7912 states �Users of this document are cautioned when comparing one manufacturer�s indices to one another due to differences in assembly complexity and the amou

RoHS and Non-RoHS products in same ICT Fixture

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 15:31:08 EDT 2017 | elrohir

I have a supplier that want to upgrade all nails on a huge amount of ICT fixture due to test RoHS compliant PCBAs. My thought is that even if there are a very small fraction of residues left on the pins it will never go over the 1000PPM level. In fu

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