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Production Preparation System for GemLine, PPS

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 07 17:09:06 EST 2019 | compit

Has anyone "Production Preparation System for GemLine", (PPS) ?

FCM Base I Philips - Software PPS ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 11:34:08 EST 2009 | clau

Hi I think that i can help you but only with programs because for pps how you know well it is a must license even if you have one pps kit. Thik about, programs for your machine can be generate very cheap

Where can I find GemLine-PPS v8.0 Please Help

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 15:50:09 EST 2009 | propox

Hi We have several Philips Topaz machines and old PPS, where can I find new GemLine-PPS v8.0 software, I have freeware cad2cad but it is simple. Any help please

PPS caps degrading value

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 10:33:53 EDT 2007 | davef

PPS caps absolutely do not like washing. It would appear the structure/chemistry of these things makes them sponges. We don't know if that leads specifically to delamination.

Cad2Cad, anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 17:03:31 EDT 2007 | jseagle

We output to ftip and import into GemlinePPS which links the parts to the package database in PPS. It would be nice to directly export a VIOS txt file with all the info needed. James

Gemline PPS

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 12 12:41:53 EDT 2009 | emanuel

Anyone can tell where is it possible to download the installation of the Gemline PPS? I copied the directory from the previous machine's owner, the software starts but any attempt to move to one of the menus results in an error message about a hardw

Gemline PPS

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 12 13:50:50 EDT 2009 | christian01976

Hello! Which version of PPS do you have? I only know it with a software key. And you need a new one if you install it to a different computer.

Gemline PPS

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 13:42:38 EDT 2009 | christian01976

Hello! I am really sorry but then I can´t help you. The first Version of Gemline PPS I worked with was 6.1. The last one was 8.0 and now I work with AMS 2.0 Greetings

Assembleon FCM Base II Cermamic - need info.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 03:12:18 EDT 2007 | vinitverma

Hi John, You can write to me offline at vinit.verma@prosemtechnology.com and write the exact problem that you face after you have generated the action spec using PPS Pro 8.1. What is the problem that you're facing. The coordinate system is taken ca

software PPS v8.0

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 07:14:34 EDT 2010 | mun4o

Hi all, we have two smd line, with 2 topaz X each.Software for optimizing is PPS v.8.0.The problem is that when PPS optimazing the programme, IC, diodes and other polarity components are with wrong orientation.But, I see the orientation onli when str

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