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PRE-BAKE (Before Assembly)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 08:29:19 EST 1999 | Charmaine Bode

Excuse my ignorance. Please advise whether it is advisable to pre-bake boards before assembly. Thanks Charmaine

Pre-bake times and temperature for polyimide boards

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 07:36:14 EST 2005 | dansmall

I have a Polyimide board that is showing signs of de-lamination. I was wondering what pre-bake times and temperatures other people would recomend for new boards as well for boards that have been on the shelf for 8 months.

RoHS Board Delamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 08:51:34 EDT 2006 | markb

aj, Did you have to implement a pre-bake operation prior to SMT? Or did the new batch work just fine with your current process? Just curious if we should be implementing a pre-bake process, or keep pushing on our supplier...or both. Thanks, Mark

Pre-bake of Polyimide flex ? ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 18:09:07 EST 2004 | kmorris

At a previous job I had been taught that when reflow soldering polyimide flex circuits, it was necessary to pre-bake them before reflow soldering to prevent delamination. Our procedures said that there must be a 1hr bake prior to reflow, and the flex

Pre-bake of Polyimide flex ? ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 19:09:17 EST 2004 | rohman23

Very strange...I just logged into the internet to come post this very question for all the lurking experts. We have a 16 layer rigid-flex that we have never baked. Our board vendor is expressing concern that we do not perform a pre-bake before assy

Flex-rigid PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 18:50:31 EDT 2020 | premkumar_haribabu

Dear experts, We are in stage to fix lapse or hold time between pre-bake to reflow process ( SMT ) for flex-rigid PCB, usually for flex pcb , we need to assemble as early as possible once after baking & if not , we can store in humidifier up to some

Help ?!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 31 15:56:13 EST 2000 | Neil Harris

I have a pre-bake / curing oven and I am trying to find the manufacturer for help, but I cannot find them. The oven says GCA CORP, Precision Scientific Group. Does any one know how I can reach them ??? Thank you, Neil

Re: Baking of PCB's/Flexes

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 13:56:08 EDT 2000 | ptvianc

Hello: Pre-baking laminates should only be performed:(1) to meet contractual agreements or (2) in response to an actual defect that can be traced to PWB water absortion. Besides the fact that a pre-bake is an enormous process "bottleneck," it also

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon May 20 16:56:24 EDT 2002 | Gary

Excess slump of paste and mis-registration can cause solder balls along with moisture. Use same date code of pcb and run with no components, paste only. Also pre-bake boards with humidity sensor in oven. If high humidity, moisture and solvent residue

Pre-bake of Polyimide flex ? ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 21:14:53 EST 2004 | davef

IPC-FA-251 recommends 121*C for 30-60 minutes for 1 and 2 flex layer circuits. A rigid flex can take easily an hour per layer depending on the construction.

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