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Wave solder Products Dirty Boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 14:20:19 EST 2014 | globalpowerproducts

we set the pre heaters the same as the Electrovert. On the SHEO wave solder it is a much longer conveyor so we only turned on the last two pre heaters to match the Electrovert

preheater calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 14 15:48:37 EDT 2002 | pjc

If you are concerned with the actual temp of your pre-heater verses what the machine's display "says" the temp is, use a calibrated digital thermometer and place the thermocouple probe inside the pre-heater and next to the machine's thermocouple for

Lead-Free SMD repair

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 30 13:56:31 EDT 2005 | steve

My experience with different size boards and pre-heaters. The perfect world (right?) you would saturate the complete pcb with bottom pre-heat. But it is difficult with repair and rework equipment, not to mention the expense and foot print of large pr

HMP hand soldering.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 21:24:00 EDT 2012 | vergara1

I'm also looking for tips for SMT hand soldering > with Sn05Pb93.5Ag1.5. Our technician is quite > good with standard SMT hand soldering, but hasn't > worked with HMP solder. > > Some specific > questions: > > - If the iron tip is hot enough >

pre-heat settings for wave solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 17:56:39 EDT 2000 | Gary Kemp

Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on where to set the temperature for the pre-heaters of a wave solder? Any responses are greatly appreciated.

Wave Solder Machine Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 17:41:36 EST 2001 | larrysav

Has anyone heard of the practice of coating radiant pre-heater plates with vegetable or peanut oil to protect and maintain the surface? Am I having my "leg pulled"?


Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 10 12:16:40 EST 2004 | zaxx007

Dear Kratzman, We had one of their waves an 8FD and we had the worst time getting replacement pre-heaters, I would stay away, just my oppinion. Zack

SMT Rework for metal core PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 11:30:13 EST 2012 | ppcbs

Try using Chip Quik to reduce the heat required for component removal. Along with your bottom pre-heater, use a temperature controlled hot air system to help heat up top side for component installation. http://www.pcb-repair.com/products.htm

How are you reworking high mass LED pcb's?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 12:11:26 EDT 2017 | rgduval

I haven't tried doing these, personally...but... - Try a pre-heater? - IR rework station? Off the top of my head, that's all I've got. Cheers, ..rob

Lead free selective solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 15:11:11 EDT 2017 | emeto

Try add a pre-heater. If not change the process or the machine. With KISS you will hardly get any PCB to work properly.

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