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Quad IV-c feeder error

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 02 09:53:49 EST 2019 | slthomas

Commponent pitch programming is performed via the buttons on the feeder. I don't remember enough to walk you through it but there are people here that do - I'm sure you'll get some help shortly. If not, go to http://www.precision-repairs and use th

3d printing Quad feeder rollers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 09:01:21 EST 2017 | tombstonesmt

We had the same issue with the filament loader. We have a flash forge Pro; mounted the spool above the printer. Here is the filament. http://www.3dxtech.com/search.php?search_query=esd

Juki Feeder Trolley with feeder bank

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 03:13:16 EST 2014 | smtspareparts

Craig,we just make juki cf/af/ff feeders,but hasn't encountered such problems,perhaps I did not very understand the intention,normally install reels on proper feeders,and install feeders on proper position of feeder trolley,but you want realize more

Fuji feeder 0804 to 0802 conversion

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 02:50:29 EST 2005 | K S

Dear Sir, We are having Fuji CP VI and 0804 feeders. Now in new boards we want to load comp. of package 0402 in the available feeders. Can any one tell us is it possible to convert 0804 type of feeders into 0802 by changing the gear which control pit

Universal GSM

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 20 13:15:58 EDT 2009 | ratsalad

Yes, you should be able to. The feeder interface for the GSMs (not Advantis or Genesis) has been the same as far back as I can remember... And we used to have a D-block machine. We use some of the same feeders from that old D-block GSM on the GSM


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 08:42:12 EDT 2007 | Cmiller

The price difference is well worth it. If you are buing a new machine, spend the money on the feeders. Most of the time a machine stops its because of a feeder. Im not sure whos feeders you are refering to and there are differences but I can tell you

Feeder goes only forward?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 08 10:13:48 EDT 2015 | goodting

Dear ladies/gentelmen: I have a GSM Advantis machine which is funny to know that the DL 8mm Green PrecisionPro feeder only feed in one direction. They can not go backward which I think it is unreasonable. Can anyone give me a suggestion??? Thanks

Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 16:32:35 EST 2006 | Cmiller

The lightning head will place parts up to 30mm square but there is a height restriction and it will only pick from tape feeders, no trays, no vibes. It will put down QFP's at full speed and the placements are dead on. I think you need an optional p

Looking for a good SMT entry Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 11:40:57 EST 2013 | ceexchange

If you are looking for a more updated machine we can sell GSM's upgraded with windows, 42v interface, and precision pro feeder banks. Our machines will be calibrated and you will not be invoiced until after acceptance. Gregg Bartosz, gbartosz@ce-ex

Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 14:08:53 EST 2006 | jax

A few things that will determine the speed. Camera Questions: Will the parts use the "On-The-Head" or "Upward-Looking" camera's? If "Upward-Looking", will it be Standard or Digital? Feeder Questions: Will you use pnuematic, low-cost electric, or pr

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