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Looking for a good SMT entry Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 11:40:57 EST 2013 | ceexchange

If you are looking for a more updated machine we can sell GSM's upgraded with windows, 42v interface, and precision pro feeder banks. Our machines will be calibrated and you will not be invoiced until after acceptance. Gregg Bartosz, gbartosz@ce-ex

Thinking of Led lamp and resistor

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 04:56:12 EDT 2016 | lilybell

I read a few posts here about resistor in led applications. The thing is, the resistor has clarified as this shows:was always use with a power source delivering a higher forward voltage than the led could tolerate(ex: a 9volt battery hook up to a 3w

Samsung CP30V

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 15:27:25 EDT 2007 | jasont

Precision Placement Machines, Inc. TEL: (603) 895-5112 FAX: (603) 895-5113 e-Mail: ppm@goppm.com

AutoProgram V5.25

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 02 11:26:12 EDT 2013 | bobpan

Your autoexec.bat and config.sys probably have problems. There is a line for the apwrk that needs to be in autoexec.bat. go to: www.precision-repairs.com and e-mail me....much easier that way

Alternatives to v-score or mouse-bites?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 15:16:01 EDT 2021 | capse

Thin FR4 can be routed with a CO2 laser with high quality results, the edge is precise and free of slag. The process is extremely low stress. If the edges are straight you can consider sawing. 0.4mm (0.016") FR4 can be laser routed and sawn at spee

PCB stretch

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 07 15:18:45 EDT 2017 | emeto

Tony, I will throw some thoughts here: 1. When we speak about shrink/stretch i start thinking about temperature right away. How do you store PCBs and or Stencils? Is your stencil getting hot or cold in the stencil printer? Are the boards on a room

Re: solder balls on high temp.solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 19:40:38 EST 2000 | Jerry Wetzel, SME, EM/SME

Your profile must be precise, your stencil aperture sizes and shapes are very important, and the size of the pads on the boards should be very close to what the part manufacturer recommends. We had some trouble with hi-temp paste, and discovered tha

Re: help help! Water clean for CSP/BGA package

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 06:03:37 EDT 1999 | Graham Naisbitt

| Hi, | | Help! Could anyone help to enlighten me on this? | | Question: | | If I have a CSP/BGA package of size X by Y and the standoff gap between the component and PCB is Z, What is the maximum allowable Y/Z or X/Z that using a normal water cl

Conformal Coating Equipment - Where to Start?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 07:50:18 EDT 2009 | davef

Advanced Coating; 10723 Edison Ct, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730; 800-722-1444 F909-481-1427 info@advancedcoating.com advancedcoating.com C-C Technologies Inc; 761 Blossom Hill Ln, Dallastown, PA 17313; 717-577-6559 F717-246-6882 Electronic Coating T

Please HELP! Need to purchase a few machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 31 14:10:11 EST 2019 | lapskrfc

I’m setting up an RF and mm-wave lab in a university. My idea is to purchase a set of machines using which I can do pcb prototyping, solder pasting, picking and placing the components (the smallest footprint would be 0201), and soldering (oven). In a

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