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Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 17:38:56 EST 2000 | Computrols, Inc.

What components do I add in a presentation when I am trying to get outsourced business for my surface mount machine.....AND where can I find contacts..

Re: Multilayer PTFE Boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 10:17:10 EST 2000 | markt

What steps are presently being taken by manufacturers to deal with problems such as layer bond strength, cold flow, and dimensial creep at present? Are there substantial materials research efforts, that you are aware of, in progress that address thes

Re: Reliability checking equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 27 12:48:27 EST 1999 | jacob lacourse

Vi technology presents a great seminar that i attended a few months ago this company is out of mass. but they travel all over to give this presentation. the seminar is to inform you about different inspection machines it is not commercial at all.

Worth a read

Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 11:50:49 EDT 2006 | patrickbruneel

ERA presentation to the EU Commission On RoHS exempt category 8 and 9 http://ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/pdf/era_presentation.pdf I will not further comment because all I can do is shake my head (for now) Patrick

Fuji Cp 643 st19

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 21:18:49 EST 2012 | skatemo

Hello friend, also cleans the clutches, several times but he continues presenting the same problem. I suspect in a few holders that we buy, for that from that they established themselves I present this fault

SMT Stencil design

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 21 21:49:26 EDT 2020 | SMTA-Samy

Why are you trying to overprint? Take some time to review this presentation by Chrys Shea titled SPECIFYING STENCILS TO OPTIMIZE PRINT PERFORMANCE. https://www.smta.org/chapters/files/Uppermidwest_Chrys_Shea_Presentation_Upper_Midwest_Expo.pdf

Stencil maintenance approaches

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 20:48:12 EDT 2021 | laserstencils

I do not know of a way to measure the nano-coating. However, it is easy to check if it is still on the stencil. Simply use a 'sharpe' pen and try and mark the bottom (PCB) side near any openings. If it easily marks, then the nano is no longer present

Facility Humidty controls

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 05 14:40:09 EDT 2002 | PJ

2000 volts are present, keep ESDS assemblies > 12 inches away.

Programming help for GSM

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 21:57:21 EST 2004 | pdeuel

Minor problem with rejected parts on a GSM C4 single flex head. UIC support was helpfull but I thought some of you may have encountered this problem and know what's the matter. We are rejecting 1 out of 3 SOT-63 parts. The problem is occuring to part

PCB Fiber

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 10:32:37 EDT 2004 | Sherri

Fiber from where the board is scored and separated. Is it possible for traces of copper to be present in that area of PCB?

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