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Tyco MEP-6T which tools?

Jul 13, 2015 | i am looking to buy a Press-fit machine and was wondering if the foolowing tools work with the Tyco

DIMM Connectors

Jul 30, 2012 |

Conformal Coating

Nov 1, 2011 | Humiseal says: Typically, there are three main approaches to avoid coating wicking into press-fit co

Loose pin orientation

Apr 19, 2011 | We currently have a job that uses press fit solderless pins. The pins are custom and only supplied i

humiseal 1b73 wicking

Feb 10, 2010 |

wave pallets

Feb 23, 2009 |

Pressfit connector

Apr 10, 2008 | Search the fine SMTnet Archives for postings on press fit like:

Pressfit connector

Apr 10, 2008 | Hi,we are looking to use Press fit connector on our PCB assemblies. Did anyone out there have any i


Jan 24, 2007 |

Fine Pitch Stencil Design

Dec 14, 2005 |

PCB Warpage

Apr 8, 2005 |

Conformal Coat Underfill on HD connectors

Sep 21, 2004 | Check with your connector supplier, but most press-fit contacts will pierce through Types UR & XY co

Bareco wax on pressfit connectors?

Feb 28, 2003 | Paul We don't like to mix metals on press fits. Yano, we do gold on gold or solder on solder, bu

Universal GSM

Jan 7, 2003 |

BGA Short

Oct 25, 2002 |

Solid Press Fit pin-0.018 Square

Sep 24, 2002 | The EMS company i work for assembles a small PCB board that requires 10 solid press fit pins install

gold connectors

May 31, 2002 |

gold connectors

May 30, 2002 |

Connector Removal

May 29, 2002 |

Connector Removal

May 29, 2002 |

Forcing Connectors

May 28, 2002 | Hello Sally, The force required for press fit connectors will vary depending on the connector ty

Wave soldering

May 28, 2002 |

Forcing Connectors

May 28, 2002 | Hi Jim, How much force is required to press fit a connector?

Wave soldering

May 28, 2002 | I am wave soldering, do I have to change the hole size for solder pre-forms or press-fit?

press fit on Ni/Au board finish

Apr 18, 2002 | Is anyone has experience on problems with press-fit on Ni/Au board finish. Connectors pins are SnPb

BGA rework

Oct 26, 2001 | Undertaking tricky rework project to remove two BGA's in close proximity to two press fit dip socket

Stencil Printing

Jul 20, 2000 |

Metcal soldering rework

Selective Conformal Coating System