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Chip placement pressure check.

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 10:35:31 EDT 2004 | dougt

Start with a load cell (force sensor), you will need one that can handle the force range you will be placing. Someone please correct me on this if I'm wrong but I seem to recall that placement force runs in the range of a couple hundred grams. Chec

DEK Screen printer calibration - print offset issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 10:54:48 EDT 2017 | emeto

If you use the calibration plate and stencil, that should fix the problem. I think that you are not saving the result from the calibration test. Double check manuals and probably with DEK technician, but it sounds like you are missing a step.

DEK Screen printer calibration - print offset issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 10:02:03 EDT 2017 | Bestglobal SMT

We have a 2008 DEK horizon 03i this machine has been a very reliable system. we are having an issue with the print being offset in the x .2mm I have run 4 different boards - same issue on all. same offset. i can print the board 10 times over and

poor print definition

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 20:47:59 EST 2006 | davef

We assume your stencil is clean. So, try: * Reduce stencil separation speed. * Reduce squeegee pressure. If the pressure is not proper, excess number of particles are stuffed into an aperture and inner pressure / friction among particles increase, an

DEK print problem?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 26 16:10:13 EDT 2008 | kpm135

When was the last time your ELA was calibrated? I had an operator ding the camera some how and the machine acted very much as you describe afterwards. A camera calibration corrected the problem.

poor print definition

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 17:12:54 EST 2006 | mark

Hallo all, I have recently had possibility to work with DEK265. I have met with problem poor print definition (no sharp edges). I used stencil 150 thickness, metal squuegees. I moved than the same stencil, squeegee and parameters to DEK nifinty and

Measuring the real pressure applied by Squegee

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 21:06:49 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

Hi experts, I have some stencils in a bad state. Some of the marks belongs to squegee operation. I wonder if it is possible to measure the pressure that is being applied, as we can set the pressure, but we don't know if that value is real and calib

Standard for Stencil printers edges pressure

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 10:27:30 EDT 2006 | russ

Look at your paste specs, they give you recommended starting points relating to speed and pressure. Dave F is right, it is usually about 1 pound per linear inch of squeegee length. Speed for finepitch printing should be started at about 1in/sec. T

manual stencil print 2 passes

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 15:06:25 EST 2008 | evtimov

It depends how manual is the printer. you need to control pressure and speed. If you control both by hand, it is difficult to discuss results. If the pressure is controlled by the printer, than you should be able to do it by one deposit. Also is the

Enclosed print head printing machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 04:12:28 EST 2016 | grahamcooper22

Please can any users of the Rheopump or Enclosed Print Head unit tell me what cartridge pressure setting they use when using lead free paste....many thanks Graham

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