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Chip placement pressure check.

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 10:35:31 EDT 2004 | dougt

Start with a load cell (force sensor), you will need one that can handle the force range you will be placing. Someone please correct me on this if I'm wrong but I seem to recall that placement force runs in the range of a couple hundred grams. Chec

DEK Screen printer calibration - print offset issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 10:54:48 EDT 2017 | emeto

If you use the calibration plate and stencil, that should fix the problem. I think that you are not saving the result from the calibration test. Double check manuals and probably with DEK technician, but it sounds like you are missing a step.

DEK Screen printer calibration - print offset issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 10:02:03 EDT 2017 | Bestglobal SMT

We have a 2008 DEK horizon 03i this machine has been a very reliable system. we are having an issue with the print being offset in the x .2mm I have run 4 different boards - same issue on all. same offset. i can print the board 10 times over and

poor print definition

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 20:47:59 EST 2006 | davef

We assume your stencil is clean. So, try: * Reduce stencil separation speed. * Reduce squeegee pressure. If the pressure is not proper, excess number of particles are stuffed into an aperture and inner pressure / friction among particles increase, an

DEK print problem?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 26 16:10:13 EDT 2008 | kpm135

When was the last time your ELA was calibrated? I had an operator ding the camera some how and the machine acted very much as you describe afterwards. A camera calibration corrected the problem.

poor print definition

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 17:12:54 EST 2006 | mark

Hallo all, I have recently had possibility to work with DEK265. I have met with problem poor print definition (no sharp edges). I used stencil 150 thickness, metal squuegees. I moved than the same stencil, squeegee and parameters to DEK nifinty and

On contact calibration

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 16:54:24 EDT 2004 | Ralf

Hi all I have a question to all of you who has experiences with Microflex MPM. There are two items: one is on contact calibration and second squeegee pressure calibration. Do i have to if i set PCB make these calibration?. Does Microflex have mechani

DEK 265gsx vision calibration

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 01 18:13:19 EDT 2010 | dman97

Since my last post, I have successfully calibrated my printer. Now I have noticed that after a print, the machine decides to check for fiducials again. A post print fiducial check. Do you know how to disable this? It is slowing down my process co

DEK 265gsx vision calibration

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 23:07:07 EDT 2010 | dekhead

Just a guess: Are you printing your fiducials on the fiducial side of the board? Fidicial Side is for Vision Calibration, Bare Copper Side is for Offset Calibration (Step 5 of procedure says "copper side uppermost"). After printing 25 fiducials o

DEK 265gsx vision calibration

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 27 23:03:21 EDT 2010 | dman97

Well I'll be damned! I was printing this on the fiducial side. Silly me. I should have read the manual closer. Thanks for the help.

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